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Not-So-Oops 31 January 2009

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Well, this morning was less of a ‘forgot to weigh in’ and more of a ‘couldn’t weigh in’ – I woke up with a stomach virus this morning and feel horrible.  Needless to say, with all the vomiting going on, I’m sure it would be a false reading anyway.


187.8 (5.6 Total Lost) 30 January 2009

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Well, I’m bummed, and can you blame me?  This week started out so well, and then poof!  I thought that my weigh-in on Monday was a little too good to be true, and I was right.  At least it’s not a pound gain, I’m still over 5 pounds lost, which is great, and I think that this gain, despite the fact that it’s a small one, has put me on track to want to lose more this upcoming week.  I think that’s the thing – a ‘cheat day’ with a gain will inspire future loss.  At least it does for me.  So …. here we go again!  At least this time, I’m starting at 187 and not in the 190’s, right?

Yesterday’s Accomplishments …

  • I managed to put 10 boxes (yes, 10) of Girl Scout cookies in my freezer without eating any of the boxes.
  • I did some pretty hefty dancing with Liam yesterday, probably burned a few calories.  I intend to try that again too, he loved it!

Today should be interesting.  I’m going to a chocolate party (like a Tupperware party, only with chocolate), mainly because the lady will also be selling purses.  Supposedly they’re real, but we’ll see about that … I have a keen eye for real Coach versus fake, and that’ll be my indication as to whether or not the other brands are real too.  Still, I wouldn’t mind a knockoff Prada 🙂


188.0 29 January 2009

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I was so in disbelief by this number that I got on the scale twice this morning.  I swore it wasn’t going to go up!  I realize this could all be some weird fluctuation, but it’s frustrating nonetheless.  That said, I didn’t drink nearly enough water yesterday, so I’m going to really hit the H20 today and see if I can’t shake off a little of the extra poundage.  I’ll say it again – I don’t care if I stay the same this week, but I think that at this point, a gain is right out.

As for yesterday…

  • I made another new meal, and actually enjoyed this one!
  • I cooked – and ate – brussels sprouts (can someone peel Aunt Lisa off the floor?)
  • I shoveled a little bit … didn’t do the whole driveway because Will swears that it’s the husband’s job, but I felt bad for him having to do it all, so I took over when he came in for lunch.

So, onward and downward today.


187.6 28 January 2009

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Ok, I’ll take it … it’s not UP, so that’s the important thing.  It’s funny, staying the same often disappoints me more than gaining.  I think it’s because I can usually pinpoint why I gained weight, but I was so well-behaved yesterday that I swore I was going to lose weight today.  When I stay the same, it always inspires me to be extra-careful the next day to make sure that I continue the losing streak.

As for yesterday, I did some good things…

  • I walked up the 4 flights of stairs to my office rather than taking the elevator, which is no small feat when you’re carrying the World’s Heaviest Purse, a lunchbag, and a bunch of supplies for the office.
  • I didn’t snack all over the place when I got home, which was good … I’m often starving when I get home, so not eating everything in the pantry is always a challenge.

So, not a bad day, despite staying the same weight!


187.6 27 January 2009

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Excellent!!  That’s what I weighed in at last Friday, so if I can even just maintain this weight, I’ll be set.  If I can focus on losing over the next couple of days, I’ll be even better!

Yesterday, I had a hard time finding things that were positive about the day, but still, here they are …

  • I tried something new – I’m a VERY picky eater, and it’s sometimes hard to get myself to try new foods because I hate to cook something and then hate it.  Then, I have to cook soemthing new and I end up throwing out a lot of food.  I can’t say that I loved last night’s dinner, but I didn’t hate it either.  So, we ate our portions and froze the rest for another day.
  • I cooked!  That’s always a good one … I’m trying so hard to get into the habit of making good, healthy dinners as often as possible, and that just seems to be hard for me to do, so I’m thrilled I was able to do it last night.

188.2 26 January 2009

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That’s a good sign.  I like to always take a look back to the previous week and see where my weight was.  Last Monday, I was at 188.8, so I’m .6 pounds lower than this time last week.  If I can keep that up for the rest of the week, that’ll be a .6 pound loss,  which is rather respectable if you ask me!

Yesterday, I did very well.  To keep with my promise from yesterday, I’m going to list a few things that I think went great yesterday:

  • When we went to Target, I avoided buying a hot cocoa or those little dark chocolate covered grahams from the in-store Starbucks.  As much as I’ll say I hate Starbucks, I have trouble saying no to those two items.
  • When we scrubbed our kitchen yesterday, I made a point to scrub in an “athletic” manner.  You may never see Extreme Scrubbing in the Olympics, but trust me … I burned some good calories yesterday.
  • Despite my desire to snarf down a bowl of ice cream last night, I selected a weight watchers ice cream bar instead (portion control, baby).

So, I think I did pretty well there.  Today is another new day, and it seems to be going well so far.  Liam is in much better spirits, which makes my day that much easier to handle, and I feel like I’ve got life under control.  I’ve got a meal planned out for tonight, so we’ll see how it goes!


The Little Things

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I think it’s important to take time on a regular basis (daily, weekly, monthly, whatever works) and reflect upon how things are going with my diet.  I personally do my reflection every night.  It’s a time for me when I review my food selections during the day and make sure that I list at least one good thing that happened with said selections.  It’s a great practice for me, because I happen to be the type to think, “Well, I screwed today up.  No sense in getting on the scale for a week,” which results in the prompt end of a good attempt at a diet.  When I review my day and pick out a few good aspects, I realize that while I might have over eaten, I have still retained some of the values and lessons that I have learned over my many years of dieting.

I think I am going to start listing those good things along with my weight.  It’ll be a good reminder in the morning of those things I did well previously, to give me encouragement and to help me strive to work towards achieving those accomplishments again.