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Bon Appetit! 4 January 2009

Filed under: Fun With Food — lennonzgal @ 01:13

I’m not a good cook.  I won’t even claim that I’m a mediocre one.  So, I’m quite proud of myself for making new meals every now and again.  Tonight, I made an Italian Meatloaf, compliments of The Pampered Chef.  Can’t tell you how it tasted, as it’s 8pm and just came out of the oven (apparently, I need to review cook times before embarking on something like that).  It’ll be dinner tomorrow, but I have to say I’m pleased with myself for making something new.  My repertoire, which probably leads partly to my struggle, is very slim.  We eat an awful lot of chicken, and it’s usually bland.  When it isn’t chicken, it’s probably because we have no time, so it’s veggie burgers.

I think that part of my New Year’s resolution this year is going to be to make at least one new item a month, hopefully more, in hopes of adding to the list of foods we enjoy.


2 Responses to “Bon Appetit!”

  1. joymanning Says:

    Cooking healthy food at home is everything!!! Not having a child to rear, I’m not as busy as you, but I am pretty busy and do a vast amount of cooking for the freezer. This makes a huge difference in life. If you can devote two weekend days a month to cooking for the freezer, it’s not that hard to have really good tasting, home-cooked, healthy stuff all the time. You just have to sort of plan what you want so you can take your supplies out the night before. (Actually, that reminds me that I have some corn chowder to take out of the freezer.) I never liked chicken until I quit eating boneless skinless chicken breasts. It’s not that you’re a mediocre cook–that’s a mediocre ingredient. Here are some of my favorite Web sites for recipes:

    (This sets the gold standard in my world.)


    (I contribute recipes here every other week)

    Books that I rely on a lot include:

    Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone
    (When I move, this is the last item packed)

    How to Cook Everything

    Good luck!

  2. lennonzgal Says:

    Thanks a ton for the info! I’ll definitely check those websites out! I’ve sort of committed myself to trying to make big meals on the days I’m home so that I have enough for the freezer, and I really worked hard at it this week. I have a lot of stuff, which is nice. It’ll be great to have good recipes though, and I’m especially excited about looking at the vegetarian book … I can’t say I’ll ever become a full vegetarian (I do love my cheesesteaks), but I definitely want to try and eat less meat. I do check out Serious Eats often, and I’ve printed a few recipes out to try. I can’t wait til Almost Meatless comes out … you’ll bet that’ll be part of my normal rotation!

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