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Pizza Dude’s Got Thirty Seconds… 11 January 2009

Filed under: Why I'm Heavy — lennonzgal @ 00:56

I love pizza.  I mean LOVE it.  Could eat it three meals a day every day.  That said, pizza is one of those foods that’s a no-no on most diet plans.  That’s why I like Weight Watchers – as long as I count the POINTs, I can have pizza.

In our house, Saturdays used to be cheat day.  Last year, that basically meant that POINTs went out the window and we could eat whatever we wanted all day, as long as we were extra-good counting during the rest of the week.  Needless to say, that didn’t go as well as one would hope.  So, I’ve decided to institute a different policy.  Rather than have cheat days every week, allow myself to a more controlled cheat day every other week to start (I have a feeling this will go to once a month), and allow Saturdays in general to be “crappy food” days.  What I mean by that is, I stick to my POINTs, but don’t care about getting my allotted veggies in, etc.  We’ll see how that works.


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