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(Just Like) Starting Over 12 February 2009

Filed under: Musings — lennonzgal @ 01:47

I’d love to be able to make each of my blog titles a Beatles reference, but let’s face it – my chances are few on that one.

Anyway, I got to run today!  I was really excited to do so, it’s been at least since September since my feet hit that pavement.  I’m re-starting the Couch-to-5K program, and I decided to try a podcast this time.  The jogger that we have has a great speaker hookup so that I can play music while I run, which is great.  The podcast, not so much.  I’ll have to try another one.

Back to the 5K training … I nearly died out there today!  It’s one thing to run on my own, arms pumping, feet slamming into the pavement.  It’s a whole other can of worms when you add a 19-pound little boy in a 28-pound jogger.  I was pushing nearly 50 pounds while running!  On top of which, it’s been so long since I’d been out running that I really was starting over.  I know that this time I’ll get back into it more quickly than when I first started running, but I hate that feeling like I can’t do it.  I ran 3 half-marathons, for cripe’s sake!  I should be able to do a 30 minute run/walk combination with no problem!  And while I would love to place all the blame on my wee passenger, let’s be honest – I’m starting over because I slacked off.

Soon, I’ll have no excuse to do that – my parents are giving us their treadmill (currently being used as a drying rack in their house), so I’ll be able to run while Liam is napping.  That’s the hardest thing – even though I had been home all day, trying to find 30 minutes to exercise was hard.  It’s even harder now that I’m working 10-hour days.  My commitment to myself is to try and get some semblance of exercise in Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday – my days off.  I’d like to be able to run each time, but we’ll see how the weather goes between now and Spring.  Hopefully, we’ll be able to get that treadmill soon!


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