A Little Less Of Me

My quest to become thinner and healthier

Runner’s High 28 February 2009

Filed under: Musings — lennonzgal @ 23:36

I do love running.  During Liam’s second nap today, I got to get out for a run in the 40 degree weather.  Loved every minute of it!  It’s definitely harder to run when your nose is all clogged up, but I feel great now, and I have about 215 extra calories to eat!

I’ll probably only eat around 150 of them, I have come to not trust the calculations on websites versus my HRM (which I have packaged but still haven’t actually put in the mailbox), I need to wait til my HRM comes back fixed.

I also got to run in my new running outfit again!  I love actually feeling like I look somewhat good when I’m exercising!  I might hit Target and get a few more shirts to match the pants Will got me.


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