A Little Less Of Me

My quest to become thinner and healthier

181.4 31 March 2009

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This is frustrating.  Don’t get me wrong – I’m thrilled to pieces about this morning’s weight.  The happy dance did take place on the scale this morning, but I feel like there’s absolutely no guarantee that this weight will even be close to what I weigh on Friday.  Matter of fact, I’m fully expecting a spike over the next couple days.  It’s that knowledge that is what is frustrating.  I think I’d have a better chance of maintaining my healthy eating habits if I wasn’t playing this constant up-down-up-down game.  That said, I’m taking this morning as a victory and I’m planning today’s meals in hopes of another victory tomorrow.  Less than a half-pound will bring me to my lowest post-baby weight, which is my next goal.  It would be nice to see that sometime soon.

Also, I’ve taken the advice of a few commenters and I’ve decided that I’m just going to try and maintain what I am right now until Liam is completely weaned and the girls are back to their normal milk-free size.  I’m thinking that’ll probably be through April.  In the meantime, I’m going to eat my 1800 calories per day and adjust as needed  to maintain the weight (though if I’m losing, I won’t complain).  If I start gaining over the course of a couple weeks, I’ll drop the calories.  If I continue to lose, I’ll keep my eating where it’s at.  Come May, I’ll push back to weight loss mode.


182.6 30 March 2009

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Not a bad number, and a relief after having poured over a brunch menu for 10 minutes to find something healthy.  I ended up having a crab melt, pieces of lump crab and cheddar over an english muffin.  It was quite good, and I felt probably pretty healthy.  So, let’s hope the rest of the week goes this well too.


183.0 29 March 2009

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I had a feeling yesterday’s high was a bit high up there, even for the day after a sodium-laden Friday.  I’ve never been lower on a Sunday than I was on my Friday weigh-in, so I don’t expect this to last forever either.  I’m eating brunch out today; it’s a friend’s birthday, and I’m not missing it just because I want to lose weight.  I’ve already eaten breakfast and run this morning, so I’m hoping a basic salad out will cover me for lunch, and I’ll try and get in a session of Hip Hop Abs tonight if possible.


185.0 28 March 2009

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That’s frustrating.  I realize that yesterday was pizza day, and I realize that I didn’t eat well, but I’m getting tired of seeing the number go up and up.  Today, my focus is on eating correctly … we’ll see how it goes.  We have errands to run, but my plan is to try and get them done well before we need to cook dinner.  No dinners out!  I need to be happy with my weigh-in on Friday because Sunday is Liam’s first birthday, which is therefore going to be a full-out cheat day.  I’d like to be content with my weight prior to that so that I don’t feel like a complete arse while stuffing my face with cake.


183.6 (9.8 Total Lost) 27 March 2009

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Now, I’m angry.  I was totally well-behaved yesterday, and it results in my second week of gaining.  I realize that this weekend’s eating didn’t go as well as one would hope, but when you see 182 earlier in the week, you at least don’t think that an overall gain is possible.  I’m sure the 182 was a fluke, and that I’ve really been up this whole time, but it’s just annoying.

I need to re-evaluate my last few weeks.  Have I been slacking a bit?  Maybe.  Have I been logging as much as I should be?  Probably not.  Has my exercise been lacking?  Possibly.  There are a million factors that could be influencing my weight right now.  The biggest one, I’m sure, is the weaning.  Making breastmilk burns something like 300-600 calories per day.  As I’m weaning Liam, it’s a game.  I don’t want to eat too few calories, because that will reduce my milk supply and I won’t be able to feed him what he needs.  On the other hand, eating too many calories isn’t doing my waistline any good either.  He’ll be done breastfeeding by the end of the first full week in April.  I’m just hoping that I can keep my weight at a normal range for that period of time.  Once that’s done, it’ll be time to start looking at other factors and see if I can’t hone in on what always causes me to fail.


183.4 … Again. 26 March 2009

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Cripe, I’m getting tired of seeing that number.  Although I didn’t have time to exercise yesterday, I also didn’t overeat … I had around 1550 calories for the day, which even if I was on the 1200-calorie diet, that’s still only 350 extra calories, still well under the 500 per-day cut.  My water intake was better than your average Wednesday, though still not as good as my normal 100+ ounces on a workday.

Today, I’ll eat closer to 1700 calories, I’ll get my workout in, and I’ll drink a ton of water.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to see a drop tomorrow.


182.2 25 March 2009

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Excellent.  Got a run in last night, which I’m sure helped.  Don’t know what happened to me yesterday, totally forgot to log – I was 183.2, so we’re in a good loss pattern.  Hopefully it’ll stay that way.  It’s rather chilly out today, and I’m sick, so since I ran last night (I could feel myself starting to get sick and thought it might be smart to get my run in before I was all stuffy), I’ll do an easy night of Hip-Hop Abs and maybe a few baby presses (the beauty of having a kid … I’ve got a 20-pound weight I can bench press … I get exercise, and he thinks its a riot).