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My Schedule 2 March 2009

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I read a comment by my friend Joy, author of What I Weigh Today, yesterday mentioned the fact that I was up with Liam at 5:15am, and it got me thinking, it might help my reader(s?) understand WHY I don’t exercise that often if they were to understand my schedule as it stands right now … so, here it is!

4:45am – Wake up (on the weekends, I get to “sleep in” til about 6am)

6:00am – Arrive at work

4:30pm – Leave work

5:15pm – Arrive at home

6:00pm – Dinner

6:30pm – Baby’s Bath

7:00pm – Nurse Baby

7:30pm – Baby’s Bedtime

After 7:30, we need to still clean something to keep up with the house, so by the time we stop around 8:30, I’m exhausted and can’t do much more than lay down and stare blankly at the TV.  I’m trying to get exercise in on my day off (Wednesday) and the weekends.  At least that’s three days a week of exercise, so it’s something.


One Response to “My Schedule”

  1. Dana Says:

    Keep up the good work! Always remember that taking care of your family, also means taking care of yourself when necessary- so make sure to make time to fit those runs in for you. I think it’s great how you and Will work as a team!

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