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186.0 7 March 2009

Filed under: Daily Weight Log — lennonzgal @ 13:03

The “normal” off-day weight gain … I put normal in quotes because it’s half of my normal weekend weight gain.  I tend to gain 1.6-2.0 pounds the day after my off day, so I would say that I did a good job keeping my gain to a minimum, which is great!  I ate 2.5 slices of pizza last night (sans salad … didn’t have time to run to the store), and just generally did well with eating through the rest of the day.  Ate junk, but didn’t go completely overboard.

I’m particularly proud of the 2.5 slices.  I’m completely capable of eating a whole pizza, then washing it down with a cheesesteak.  Thankfully, I have a trash compactor for a husband, so he eats whatever I don’t want so that it’s not tempting me in the fridge.  I’m sure it also helped that we went for a walk with Liam yesterday (I wore Liam in the Baby Bjorn … a great way to get a harder workout), and then I did my Hip-Hop Abs video.

Yes, there’s the possibility that my body will all of a sudden realize all of the crap I ate yesterday and gain some more weight today, but I’m going to behave today, keep the snacking to a minimum, and hit the pavement later this morning for a run in this lovely weather.


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