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184.6 18 April 2009

Filed under: Daily Weight Log,Why I'm Heavy — lennonzgal @ 13:30

Typical Saturday morning.  I started logging again this morning, I haven’t logged in about two weeks.  Gee, wonder why I haven’t lost anything??  I’ve come to realize why there are generally two types of moms – rail-thin ones and heavyset ones.  In the past two weeks, we’ve had Liam’s birthday (party at our house), an ear infection (including a fever of 102), Easter, and another ear infection (including a midnight fever of 103).  Being a mom is a high-stress job (albeit a very worthwhile one), and in stressful situations people do one of two things: eat or not.  I eat, thus I belong in the heavyset mom category.

I’ve tried several forms of stress-relief … yoga (too boring for me … the quiet and slow movement just make me irritated and more stressed), meditation (see yoga), running (this one works, when I can actually get out there and do it), etc.  Basically, when I can’t get out and run, chocolate tends to fill that void.

This upcoming week proves to be slightly less stressful.  Liam is on some strong antibiotics that should fix the ear infection (and prevent further fevers, at least for this week), Will is wrapping up his final project for school, and my house is slowly getting back to my level of cleanliness (baby fever = nothing gets done).  Now, if only I could figure out how to get the kid to nap …


One Response to “184.6”

  1. lisa d Says:

    high energy baby….apple doesn’t fall far from the mommy tree now does it………

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