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187.6 24 May 2009

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Cripe.  That was so unexpected, I actually stopped breathing for a second on the scale this morning.  I’m mainly shocked because I did an excellent run yesterday, and then spent about 4 or 5 hours walking Philadelphia Zoo with either a very full stroller or a wee man in my arms.  I didn’t expect to lose, based on the ice cream and the delicious meatballs that we had last night, but I didn’t expect a 5 pound gain.  (For the record, I completely forgot to weigh in yesterday because I was far too excited about getting Liam to the zoo …)

In any case, I finally got my new HRM and wanted to share my first run with you all:


The slower periods are my walks, you can see that I have a tendency to vary my speed greatly … that’s something that I’m hoping this HRM can help me with.  It says I burned 300 calories, I don’t completely trust that (though I trust it far more than I trust my previous reference, which was the general MFD analysis), I generally try and eat back only half of what I burn, but yesterday was a bit of an exception.  I intend to share my runs with you all as often as I can.

In the meantime, today’s goal is to eat healthy and kick back lots of water.  We’ve got errands to run, but it won’t be at mealtime today … no impromptu pizza for this chunky butt!


One Response to “187.6”

  1. lisa d Says:

    i think your beautiful no matter what that damn scale says.and omg the all time cutest baby EVER.even when he’s crapping his pants.

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