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My quest to become thinner and healthier

183.4 29 June 2009

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Honestly, I deserved that loss.  Last night, we were at a picnic at my parents’ house, and I was better than well-behaved.  Given my selection of a slice of ice cream cake or a homemade fresh strawberry cake (or both), I selected the latter.  Not only was it delicious, but I felt like I really made a more healthy selection.  No deprivation either!

I also managed a run last night, which I’m sure helped at least a little bit. 

I decided I’m going to try and just maintain my weight through the summer (thanks Joy and Lisa for the suggestion!) … it’s too hard with all of the parties and picnics we go to to try and lose weight.  So, my goal for the summer is to keep my weigh-ins between 180-185.  If I go lower, great!  If I go higher, there will be major work to do to get back to a good norm.  Wish me luck!


5/28 Workout: Easy Run

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Did an easy 2 miles with Kyle today … did it around Warminster, which was nice … a different run than usual.  Enjoyed it, felt strong, probably could have gone another mile if I had wanted to, but I’m trying to keep my easy runs to a slightly shorter distance than my long runs, so we didn’t push it.


184.4 28 June 2009

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I’m officially angry.  Yesterday, I had my normal cereal and fiber one bar for breakfast, followed by a run, a protein drink with a half-banana after said run, a slice of bread with lunchmeat and cheese for lunch with some organic chips, a taste of Liam’s ice cream and a little granola as a snack, then chicken and pasta for dinner followed by a half-cup of ice cream for dessert.  In addition to my run, we walked all over the PA Renaissance Faire grounds yesterday, with me pushing a 25-pound stroller most often containing a 22-pound little boy.  There’s no way I should have gained anything.

This is the kind of thing that causes me to start thinking, “then why bother?”  I feel like no matter what I do, I can’t lose this weight, and that gets very discouraging.  I’m going running at my parents’ tonight, regardless of who is there or what is going on.  I’ve GOT to lose this weight!


6/27 Workout: “Long” Run

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I put long in quotes, because today wasn’t really a long run, it was mostly just a run.

I decided to purchase a running skirt a while back, and thought I’d give it a try today.  Truly, these things were created by men.  To the folks making the skirts: try compression shorts underneath.  Something that won’t ride up mid-run.  The thing is cute as hell, but not great for getting in a decent run.  I think it’ll be better served as something cute but casual to wear on a really warm day.



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I’m actually a little surprised by that, but since it was a Friday, there’s a good chance that I ate something I’m not thinking of … probably not worth a pound of gain, but I’ll spend today getting that in check.


6/26 Workout: HHA (Plus Review) 27 June 2009

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Apparently, there was at least one HHA video I hadn’t done yet: Total Body Burn.  Tonight, I only did half (about 25 minutes took me to 9pm, my nightly stopping point), and I’ll be honest – I can’t wait to do the other half!  Definitely a good workout.  I finished a few minutes ago, and my abs are still pretty tight.  It actually features some weights, which I wish I had known about before starting the video – we have a plethora of free weights in our basement that I could have used.  Since it was my first time through, though, I continued sans weights and still feel like I got a decent workout.  It’s not as cardo-based as Ab-Burning Cardio (duh … cardio’s in the name of that one, what did I expect?), but it’s just as good, if not better.

Once again, Shawn T goofs off and gets me to giggle through my workout, which is a surefire way to get me to continue on.  If I’m cursing at you within the first 15 minutes, I’m not finishing the tape (ahem, Denise Austen … ).  Shawn T makes it much more fun by sort of goofing off and pointing out which moves can be used at the clubs (my butt), and which ones are just fun. (“If you want, you can get here with your funkiness, or be up here with your funkiness…” how can you not enjoy someone who uses the word funkiness in a workout??)  Yep, yet another good video by Shawn T.

I sort of wish that there was a way to subscribe to the videos, like Time Life does.  I can cancel anytime, but believe me, I wouldn’t.  I’m going to have to find more of his stuff, I think.


183.2 26 June 2009

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I can only say that I’m disappointed.  There was truly no reason at all this week to have gained anything, let alone a pound and a half.  I have one week to get to a weight that is acceptable for me to handle enjoying myself in St. John. 

Today will be a little more controlled than most Fridays in the hopes of accounting for the gain here. 

All that said, I found this online today:  Health at Every Size.  In title alone, it sounded like a good book until I read the synopsis.  I’ll say this – I think I’m going to purchase it for a read, just to see what the message is.  My fear is that the message will be to be as fat as you can because it’s okay.  I’m not saying it’s bad to be fat … I’m saying its bad to not take care of yourself.  Some of us can’t help being the size we are – diabetes, thyroid issues, etc. all cause weight problems.  I’m saying that it’s bad to just say, “Oh fuck it,” and eat that whole pound cake because we’re too lazy to try a little harder.  I’m saying it’s not okay to stop exercising.  I’ll be interested to see how this book handles all of that.  If any of you have read it, I’d love your opinions.