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6/7 Workout: Training Run 8 June 2009

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Another crappy run because I didn’t feel like doing it.  I think it might be the heat – for whatever reason, I don’t so much mind the cold, but I can’t stand running in warm weather.  I’d better get used to it fast, I’ve got training to do!

On the upside, the race is next Sunday, so it’s not like I need to kill myself.  I know I can run 5k, I know I can probably do it in less than 40 minutes, so I’m set to go.  I think it’ll be fun!


2 Responses to “6/7 Workout: Training Run”

  1. Joy Manning Says:

    I think a lot of people are fine with running in the cold but not the heat. I am one of them. That’s kind of when I threw in the5K towel when I realized I’d have to run outside on hot days. Can’t do it! You are tougher than me!

  2. lennonzgal Says:

    lol, I think I probably also run in colder weather than most people. One day in January 2007, while training for a half-marathon, Will looked at me and said, “Never ask if I love you; the fact that I’m out here at 7am in 28 degrees and running with you proves that I love you. It also proves that you don’t love me.”

    I love cold weather running … warm, not so much. We’re getting a treadmill soon, so I’m hoping that’ll help on the really hot days. At least on the weekends, I can do morning runs which are a little cooler. I’d wait til it was dark out, but running pumps me up too much, and I never fall asleep.

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