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The Big 100 31 July 2009

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Woohoo! ¬†I hit 100 comments ūüôā ¬†Perhaps its not that big a deal, but I like knowing that folks are following along with me! ¬†Thanks to everyone for popping in so often!


183.4 (10.0 Total Lost)

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Nice … that’s a 1-pound loss from last week and I’m back into the 10-pounds lost range.¬† Definitely more comfortable.

Today, there will be pizza, but hopefully in more controlled quantities than usual.¬† I feel like, maybe if I just plan for pizza, then I won’t feel the need to guiltily scarf down 4 slices.¬† We intentionally get a medium pizza so that its not as bad if we each eat a half-pie, but I’d prefer not to.¬† I’m thinking lunch will be a caf salad, and breakfast will be a caf bagel with a little pb on it.¬†

I’ll do HHA tonight, which obviously won’t work off all of the calories I’ll have eaten, but at least it’ll work towards removing some of them.¬† This weekend is shaping up to be a rare commitment-free one, which is good.¬† I’ve got good, healthy recipes that I want to try, and the weekends are a great time to do that.¬† I saw one in a magazine for asparagus and mushrooms that I’ve been dying to make … I don’t even like mushrooms, but I thought maybe I might try¬† them again anyway.¬† I got fresh asparagus from our farmer’s market on Wednesday, so just gotta get Will to pick up the mushrooms.

I’ve been thinking about it … I really need to join a CSA … its one of those things that I’ve been planning to do now for 4 years, and I still haven’t done it.¬† I think the main problem is, even though we live in the middle of nowhere, the closest CSA is still a 20-minute drive, and I’m not necessarily willing to do that on a random weeknight after work.¬† At the very least, I need to do a little research and figure out where my closest options are.


7/30 Workout: Speed Run

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I’m so proud of myself for running today! ¬†I really felt good running, and I felt like I did pretty well. ¬†I’m glad I got a run in, because it sounds like the weather is going to be pretty nasty tomorrow.

Hopefully, we’re just getting all the crap weather out of the way so we have a lovely vacation in a little over a week!


183.4 30 July 2009

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… and back into the comfort zone we go …

Seriously, if I could see within the 180-182 range next week, I’d be more than comfortable there in Wildwood.


7/29 Workout: HHA

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I hate rain.

In lieu of getting caught in a torrential downpour, I gave in and did my Total Body Burn instead.  It was fun, but I was really hoping to run today.  I took a look at the weather though and it looks clear for tomorrow night, so my butt will be out there!


184.0 29 July 2009

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See? ¬†Running = Weight Loss. ¬†This is equal to my lowest weigh-in since we got back from St. John, so I’m happy to see it on a Wednesday when I know we’ll have two more weigh-ins to get it even just a hair lower.

Today, I’m at home with Liam, so we’re going to run to the farmer’s market for some more fresh fruits and veggies. ¬†Depending on how I feel tonight, I might also run … Will should be mowing the lawn this evening, so I know he won’t want to run. ¬†I’ve got to get back up to 4 miles!


7/28 Workout: Pitiful Run

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I’m not going to beat myself up for it, because whether the run was crappy or not, I at least got out there, and isn’t that the point?

I got my laptop back just in time to record my latest run with my HRM, and if there wasn’t a 16-pound cat sitting on my hip, I’d hook the HRM up and add the link here … maybe tomorrow.

I ran in 90 degrees, and it felt like it. ¬†I forgot my hat, so in addition to my hair looking quite frightening by the end, all of my sweat was dripping down into my eyes and causing my vision to get blurry, which is always awesome. ¬†I needed to throw an extra walk break in there once or twice, but I honestly think that’s more an effect of me needing to get used to running in the heat … or maybe I just need to get that treadmill from my parents.

My next run will (hopefully) be either tomorrow night after Liam goes to bed, or on Thursday night if Will doesn’t go to fencing. ¬†It’ll be hot still, but again … getting out there is the real point of all this.