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The Vacation Dilemma 6 July 2009

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So, we’re in St. John.  I’ll be honest, it’s hard to draw that line between enjoying myself and eating to excess.  Saturday, for instance, wasn’t too terrible, mainly because we only ate one meal out.  I ended up having a crab cake appetizer, which wasn’t bad at all.

Yesterday, however, was travel day.  We started out at the airport at 7am and weren’t actually in our hotel room in St. John until about 3:30pm.  At that point, we weren’t cooking.  So, every meal was eaten out.  Breakfast was a bagel with butter.  Not awful.  Lunch was a burger on the plane … actually, half a burger (Liam claimed the other, rather slobbery, half), and a fun-size pack of M&Ms (I’d like to lodge a complaint to the person who named a package full of 10 M&Ms “fun” … I would say it’s more of a tease-size pack).  Dinner was a chicken caesar salad in a tortilla bowl.  You KNOW I ate that bowl.  Dessert?  My two best friends visited – Ben & Jerry. 

I have a feeling that most of the week will go like yesterday did.  Eating most meals out, trying to enjoy myself without being completely gluttonous (is that a word?).  I’ll be honest, I’m on vacation.  I’m not killing myself to eat well or exercise a ton.  At the same time, I don’t want to have a 15-pound setback. 

Tonight, I’m going to try and convince my brother to go on a run with me.  Hopefully, that’ll offset the burgers and dogs we’re planning on having tonight!!  One day at a time, right?


One Response to “The Vacation Dilemma”

  1. lisa d Says:

    yeah like any addiction one day at a time sometimes one minute at a time.try to enjoy yourself without fret even if you do gain a ton of weight you will get back on the proverbial horse as soon as you get home and work your ass of to lose it right, right,now go have fun with your family…………love ya

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