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The End is Near 11 July 2009

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I’ll say this: as much as I’m NOT looking forward to leaving St. John and my time with my family, I am actually looking forward to going back to a normal eating routine and actually exercising.  I always pack with the best of intentions (4 pairs of running socks, a couple pairs of running pants, etc) only to find that its far more fun to eat than exercise 🙂

We’re headed home on Sunday.  There’s little to no guarantee that I’ll be weighing in on Monday (I might give myself a day or two to try and “come down” again), but I’ll definitely be checking in!


One Response to “The End is Near”

  1. lisa d Says:

    another heart and head filled boatload of memories.as your aunt denise told me many many years ago,the one thing we can truely give our kids are memories,hopefully they are all good ones,i agreed with her then and i firmly believe that now.in years to come you won’t remember squat about weight or exercise, but you will remember the laughing and the love shared by all of you.love ya

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