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185.4 20 July 2009

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REALLY not bad for the day after a picnic! 

At the picnic yesterday, I was speaking to friends Joy & Jill.  One thing that came up (and thank you ladies so much for letting me go on and on about it) was the fact that parenthood in general makes it difficult on one’s weight loss efforts.  Joy knows a gentleman who is a new father on a diet as well.  He works long hours, and then in an effort  to continue his weight loss, he goes directly to the gym, therefore never seeing his child.  As a mother, I couldn’t even begin to imagine doing that … I feel horribly guilty for every moment I spend away from him, so “free” time in my life often becomes a choice between exercise or seeing Liam.  I always pick Liam.

I would love to run every night – it’s stress relief for me.  Truly, 4-5 times a week would be great.  I just can’t do it.  For starters, I already run both days on the weekend.  I also either run on my day off (with Liam in the jogger), or on the night before my day off (because I know that even though I’m missing 30-40 minutes with him, I’ll have him all day the next day).  Monday nights are impossible because either my mom is staying with us and I want to spend time with her, or Liam is with her and Will and I have to get a million things done in the one baby-free evening we have.  Tuesday nights are hard because that’s when I pay our bills every week.  Let’s be honest: watching that much money fly out of one’s checking account will suck away anyone’s energy.  On Thursday nights, Liam has just gotten home from daycare, and he doesn’t want us out of his sight.  On Friday nights, I know I’m running on Saturday, so its silly to even try. 

Could I run in the mornings?  Not really.  I work 10-hour days to have that extra day off per week.  Working a 10-hour day and still getting home to make dinner means that I get up at 4:45am every day to get to work by 6am and home by 4:45pm.  I’m just not dedicated enough to my weight to get up at 4am to run.  Sorry, body … you’re on your own there.

So, being a mother who wants to exercise is a challenge.  Totally worth it, but definitely a challenge.  I’ll be honest though, running can go scratch; there’s absolutely no better stress relief than seeing that little boy smile at me.


One Response to “185.4”

  1. lisa d Says:

    amen to that about liam being the best stress relief.he cracks me up just being around and laughter is the best stress reliever too.the shear fact that you are cognicent (sp?)of your weight and your diet will serve you well to at least keep a check on yourself. plus summer is so relaxed and free it’s hard to maintain a strict regieme.enjoy liam he won’t be little forever but you can always diet and exercise till you drop dead for crying in the bucket!!!!!!

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