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7/28 Workout: Pitiful Run 29 July 2009

Filed under: Feel the Burn — lennonzgal @ 00:45

I’m not going to beat myself up for it, because whether the run was crappy or not, I at least got out there, and isn’t that the point?

I got my laptop back just in time to record my latest run with my HRM, and if there wasn’t a 16-pound cat sitting on my hip, I’d hook the HRM up and add the link here … maybe tomorrow.

I ran in 90 degrees, and it felt like it.  I forgot my hat, so in addition to my hair looking quite frightening by the end, all of my sweat was dripping down into my eyes and causing my vision to get blurry, which is always awesome.  I needed to throw an extra walk break in there once or twice, but I honestly think that’s more an effect of me needing to get used to running in the heat … or maybe I just need to get that treadmill from my parents.

My next run will (hopefully) be either tomorrow night after Liam goes to bed, or on Thursday night if Will doesn’t go to fencing.  It’ll be hot still, but again … getting out there is the real point of all this.


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