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My quest to become thinner and healthier

185.8 31 August 2009

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I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to see this number, despite the  fact that I completely don’t trust it.  For starters,  I haven’t lost two pounds in a day in ages, and although I thought yesterday’s number was high, I think that this one is a little low.  Only time will tell.

On the upside, I definitely controlled myself well at the picnic yesterday, and I had a fantastic run last night.  So, if this number is real, that’s probably why!


8/30 Workout: Run

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… and a decent one, too!  I was reall happy with today’s progress.  I ran much farther and longer than I have in the past couple of months, and I most certainly attribute that to the fact that it was no more than 72 degrees when I went out.  Fall running is definitely for me.


187.6 30 August 2009

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Annoying.  It’s the weekend, and I normally gain on the weekend, but I honestly thought it would be lower than that.

That said, I baked a cake yesterday, and we all know that I probably licked more icing off of my spoon than I put onto the cake.  I certainly know Liam did!

Today, we have a picnic, so I’m trying to plan to eat well for the morning so that I can have that burger this evening.  Not to mention a small slice of my cake.


8/29 Workout: Run 29 August 2009

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Rain be damned, I was out there.  It was wet, and a hair chilly, which was actually nice.  I did learn a lesson (which I’ve learned before and will probably forget again) … pancakes do not a good pre-run breakfast make.  I think that if I had coated them with a little almond butter or something, I’d have been better off.  My legs could have run more, but I was getting dizzy by the end of it.  Still, I felt good running and I think that I’ll do perfectly fine running tomorrow after my normal breakfast of PB.


186.2 28 August 2009

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It’s a pound down from last week, and overall about a pound and a half down since we got back from Wildwood, so I’ll take it!

Last night was my first chat with my nutritional consultant, Bobby.  He owns a company called HealthySelf Nutrition in Boston, and is a good friend of my cousin’s.  That was enough to get me interested.  Last night’s conversation was about an hour, and I really feel like it was filled with good stuff.  This time around, it was mostly me talking, Bobby’s questionnaire was very thorough – he didn’t only focus on “what do you eat?   how much do you eat?”  Instead, he added in questions like, “How well are you sleeping?” and, “Are you happy at your job?”  I was really impressed by that, because I honestly believe that becoming healthy with one’s eating isn’t going to do a damn thing until one is healthy all over. 

I won’t go too deep into Bobby’s suggestions, because I don’t want to give away  his secrets … you’ll have to contact him yourself for that information.  I will say that he’s easing me in to a change.  Last night’s conversation was just asking me to make a couple of small changes between now and our next chat (on 9/11), changes that I think are very feasible. 

So, today was my last Friday Morning Bagel … at least for a while.  I won’t say I’ll never have them (mainly because I have a freezer full of bagels), I will probably still allow myself to have one once a month as a treat.  There’s just something wonderful about a piece of dough that weighs as much as a brick.  Still, if I’m going to get serious about a nutritional consultant, I should act it.  Plus, I happen to know in my  heart that no one needs a bagel every week.  So, here we go!


186.4 27 August 2009

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Weren’t we here last week?  Hopefully, tomorrow’s weigh-in will prove to be a happier one than last week’s.


8/26 Workout: Speed Run

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I did one rotation of speed work today, and felt strong doing it, though I was definitely tired out by the end of it!  Still, I feel good about the fact that I managed to get that run in tonight, despite chasing Liam around for the day.  Heat be damned, I’m getting my butt out there!!