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8/19 Workout: Run 20 August 2009

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I would say that this was the strongest run I’ve had in a while.  I feel like I did really well, considering my short distance.  Because of the cloudy skies, the watch didn’t start tracking my distance until I was something like .15-.2 miles into the run, so it showed me being slower than I was, but I still feel good about it.

  • Was it the fact that I remembered my iPod?  Probably not, though I’m sure that it didn’t hurt.  For some reason, having my music with me allows me to lose myself in the run much faster than when I don’t have it.
  • Was it the lack of sun?  Possibly.  While I think that the heat definitely isn’t great during a run, I think its the sun that really stops me from hitting it hard … the cloud cover most certainly had a factor in my strength today.
  • Was it my eating habits for the past couple days?  More than likely.  I’ve eaten really really well since getting home from the shore; I really want to get back down to at least 180 so that I can start fresh and keep plugging away.

As much as I hate to admit it, what I eat really affects how I run.  This is evident immediately when I try to run after eating pizza, but its also evident when I start slipping and filling in meals/snacks with crap.  I’ve been really good with food selection these past few days, and I think that’s having an effect on my run.

Will that mean that I can run 4 miles on Sunday?  Probably not … having done so poorly running over the past several weeks is definitely going to hurt my stamina.  Still, I think making healthy selections over the next few days might get me to a solid 2-3 mile run, and I have no problem walking the rest of it in.


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