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Frustrated 30 September 2009

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I had every intention to run tonight, but Liam was up at 4am both Monday and Tuesday mornings, and although I did get to sleep til 7 this morning, I think missing out the last two days has caught up with me.  I’m 100% exhausted.  Sadly, I ate today like I was going running, so tomorrow’s weigh-in is going to suck.  Oh well, better to get some sleep and weigh a little more than it is to force myself to run and then get sick.



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I reset the scale before I hopped on it, so I trust the number.  It’s nice to see 182 again, even if it might be just a fleeting glance at this point in time.

I spoke with Bobby last night.  He seemed relatively pleased with the weight loss over the last two weeks plus, and he seemed like he was happy with the fact that I hadn’t had any soda (or any semblance of aspartame) in the last two weeks either.  He’s going to do some review on LifeWater (by SoBe) since he didn’t know much about it.  He had suggested VitaminWater to me two weeks ago, but I didn’t enjoy the flavors.  He also seemed content with the fact that I was drinking beverages containing Stevia … it’s a natural sweetener that is seemingly safer than any of the artifical ones out there.  I still can’t drink calories, and I doubt I ever will be able to.  Why drink 100 calories when I can eat them?

Bobby ended the conversation with a few suggestions for me …

  • Get my body fat percentage officially tested.  I think this is a great idea, and I’ve been meaning to do it for ages.  Since I run and do HHA, there’s a possibility that my body fat percentage is decreasing at a slightly more rapid rate than my weight is, and that would be encouraging progress.  If anyone has suggestions on where to go, I’d appreciate it!
  • Stop eating as much pasta.  We minimally eat pasta about every other night and we eat rice probably one additional night in there.  He wants me to cut the pasta down to two nights a week, and the other nights, replace it with more veggies and protein.  This one is going to be hard.  I don’t enjoy meat all that much, and I get sick to my stomach if I eat more than maybe 3oz of the stuff.  I don’t like beans (texture thing).  I might try adding some tofu in there, but even then, all of the veggie-heavy recipes I own and like are ones that mix them with pasta.  This is going to be a real challenge, and I make no guarantees that it’s going to happen.  I’m just going to try my best and see how it works.  He did suggest maybe adding in quinoa, which I CAN do … I’ve read about Joy using it, and I’ve been eyeballing it in the store for some time.  At the very least, I’m going to give it a try.
  • Bring my own dinner to mom’s house.  Often times, I know I’ll blog that we ate dinner at mom’s and I ended up gaining a little.  Two weekends ago was an exception, it was my birthday and I was eating whatever the hell I wanted to.  Normally though, mom does cook a little fattier than I do, so Bobby wants me to bring my own dinner.  This’ll be damn near impossible.  First of all, I have a lot of trouble hurting my mom’s feelings like that, and second of all, I’ll want what mom’s cooking.  Bringing my own dinner to me is no way to begin a healthy lifestyle.  I find it rude and would never do it in the real world.  Alternately, I may offer more often to make dinner with mom, so that I know exactly what’s going into the food.  It’s a bit of a compromise, but it’s one that’s going to have to do.  I slept on the option, and I’m just not going to do it … I would be SO offended if someone brought their own healthy meal to my place after I was making dinner for their family.  I can’t be a hypocrite and do it to someone else.  The other option I was considering was moving Friday’s pizza night to Sundays and just suggesting to my parents that we do a family pizza night.  Good friends of mine do that with their family, and it’s a great way for the family to make sure they’re always together one night a week.  We’ll see what happens.

In all, Bobby’s suggestions are definitely getting more challenging, and I do think that’s the point … start out easy, and slowly add in the harder things that’ll force changes in as we go.  The pasta one is going to be the major challenge this week … I have to do some research and find recipes that I’ll eat that don’t contain pasta or that DO contain quinoa.  I’ll do that work this week and start with the less-pasta approach next week.


9/29 Workout: Jogger Run

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My laptop’s been acting hokey, so I didn’t get to write this last night.  Liam and I headed out in the jogger last night, and aside from some wind, we did really well.  Liam actually got quite a kick out of the wind … I think that it made him think we were going faster than we were.  He’d stick his hands out of the jogger and yell, “Wheeee!!”  Again, it’s hard to run when you’re laughing!  He does tend to get fussy by the time we get to the last stretch of the first loop around the neighborhood, so I don’t think that a jogger run will ever entail going longer than the 1.6 miles that we usually go when we head out with the jogger.  I have a few ideas to maybe stretch it a little longer, I might try one of them tomorrow night, based on whether or not I get out on a run tonight as well.


184.8 29 September 2009

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It’s downward movement, and that’s what we like to see.  Hopefully I’ll get a run in tonight with Liam … he wanted to get in the jogger so badly last night, but it was raining.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that he and I can head out this evening for a nice run.

I’m going to be speaking with Bobby tonight, its our third meeting.  I thought it would be good to sort of do a month-in-review since I started speaking with him about a month ago.  I figured I’d start by going over the things he asked me to do:

  • Switch Out Breakfast.  Bobby gave me an oatmeal recipe that I wasn’t thrilled with when I started eating it, but I’ll admit that it’s quickly grown on me.  I now eat it probably 5 days a week, and I actually look forward to it.  This morning, I found out that I didn’t have enough of my normal steel-cut oats, so I had to go with normal oatmeal, and boy was I disappointed!  I’m loving the breakfast thing, so score one for Bobby!
  • Stop Drinking Diet Soda.  Ok, I’ll admit that I wasn’t happy with this one when he suggested it.  I mean really, everyone drinks soda, right?  Well, I’ve stopped (it was two weeks yesterday … I didn’t even drink any over my birthday extravaganza) and I did see a drastic change in my weight in that week.   On top of which, I did have a sip of the stuff this weekend, and HATED it.  Aspartame, you were a good friend when I needed you, but I think it’s best that we just cut ties and go our separate ways.  I wish you luck in everything you do, but I just can’t have you in my life anymore.  Don’t cry, I’m sure there will be other chubbies like me who will love you just as much, if not more.  There, there.
  • Bring Lunch to Work.  This one, I’ve found difficult.  When I make dinners, I make them large enough to usually eek 2-3 meals out of them, and I hate separating some of it to have for lunch the next day.  Not to mention, I’ve gotten in the habit of making just enough veggies for one meal, so I never have any leftover to add to a lunch.  Bobby said he wanted me to bring lunch twice between our chats, and I’ve done it three times, including today.  I’m working on this one, but I do love a good sandwich … that’s a hard one to remove.  My personal goal is to bring lunch twice a week over the next two weeks and see if that improves my weight any.
  • Cut Sodium Intake.  I’ve probably done this just in having done the above three steps … removing my staple Fiber One bar and cereal from breakfast, bringing lunch a couple times here and there, and dropping the sodas I was drinking (at 35 or so mg per can, I was intaking a little over 100mg of sodium just in the beverages).  This is one I am still working on … each week, I try to take a good look at the things we’re buying at the food store and opt for lower-sodium choices.  Even the muenster cheese that we get has a low-sodium choice that I’m selecting.  Baby steps.

For all of that work from 28 August (my first Bobby weigh-in) to last week’s weigh-in, I’ve lost about 2 pounds.  In one month, that’s my .5 pounds per week average, so I’m pleased with the results.  Could I have done it myself?  I don’t know.  I think that cutting soda was a big step for me, and a healthy one at that.  I’ll be interested to see what steps we’ll discuss tonight. 

This next month will be a good tell as to how things are going with Bobby … since I had my birthday extravaganza inserted smack into the middle of this month, I know my numbers are skewed a bit.  In the upcoming month, we have the odd dinner out, but nothing that will cause a huge fluctuation.

I’ll post how the chat goes in the morning!


185.0 28 September 2009

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It’s always nice to start a Monday down from where you were on Sunday.  Yesterday, we had stuffed shells at my parents’ house, so I wasn’t sure where the weight was going to fall.  I think the run helped, as did selecting the smallest shells.

Tonight, I think I’m making a new staple in our house – Nutty Pasta.  We got the recipe from Joy Manning who posted it late last year.  I think it’s been making a frequent appearance ever since.  We ate some sort of beef the last two nights, and I feel like I need a meat-free evening.  Plus, Liam is teething like crazy, so he wouldn’t eat anything I made anyway.  It’ll be fish sticks and peas for him.  Fish sticks, by the way, have got to be the most disgusting food on the planet.  Just in case you were wondering.


9/27 Workout: Run 27 September 2009

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Here’s something that’ll add a little spring in your step: seeing the neighborhood Weight Watchers leader walking into her home with two pizzas and a bag of sandwiches for her family of 4.  Heh.  My old WW leader used to say that he would only go out for ice cream at a place at least a half-hour from where he lived … that way, he was less likely to be gawked at by members of his class.  So true.

That’s not all that happened during this run … a neighbor decided not to check her rearview mirror and nearly backed into me!  Not a great way to start a run, but it definitely got me moving early on!  Also, I saw something that put the fear of God in me – a teenager, on his bike, talking on his cell phone, weaving up and down the street.  It’s only a matter of time before that kid is doing the same thing in a car.  Awesome.

The run itself was decent.  I made good time, but petered out earlier than I had hoped, so I pushed myself further doing 1:1 walk:run intervals until I got to 35 minutes.  Not bad.



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Normal for the weekend.  It’s still pouring out this morning, so I’m hoping to get a break sometime in the afternoon to get out there and run run run.  If not, I’ll head out tomorrow perhaps.