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9/13 Workout: Run 14 September 2009

Filed under: Feel the Burn — lennonzgal @ 10:48

Yesterday’s run was pretty rough.  I went out around 2:30pm, so despite the fact that it wasn’t TOO hot outside, it was at the peak of said heat and it was not really conducive to getting a good run in.  On top of that, I had had two drinks at the wedding on Saturday night, and I have definitely found that my runs suffer on days after having had even one drink.  Alcohol sucks the moisture out of you, and makes it hard to use the muscles.  I remember years ago when we were training for our first half-marathon, we were at a wedding and I had several drinks … I couldn’t even make it a half mile the next day.

Yesterday, I managed in about two miles, with a few more walks added in by the 1.25 mile point.  Still, I knew WHY I was having trouble, so I shouldn’t have problems when I head back out Wednesday night.


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