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I Brought My Lunch Today 17 September 2009

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One of the things that Bobby asked me to work on was bringing less processed food  to work, and also buying less food from our caf.  He told me he’d like to see me start bringing my lunch (something I made), and that he wanted to see me note it at least twice in the two weeks between our chats.  So, I thought that the first time I did it, I should make sure he’d notice it … BOBBY, I BROUGHT MY LUNCH!

Bobby’s eventual goal for me is to bring my lunch daily, not just once a week.  That’s going to be a challenge for me.  To start, I really love having a sandwich at lunchtime.  It’s probably not the most filling meal, but I enjoy it.  Secondly, there are only so many things I’ll eat at lunchtime.  I love salads (which are what I buy from our caf), but I don’t enjoy homemade ones … I think that cutting the veggies and all that early makes them far less crispy.  I really like the ones in our caf, and will probably have a hard time moving away from that.  There are also many nights where we don’t have leftovers (in the case of veggie burgers), or when I’m eating the dinner because the rest of my family likes it (anytime we eat beef) … in those cases, I’m not going to have lunch to bring. 

Bobby’s suggestion was  to pre-make lunches … his suggestion for me was boiling chicken and placing it on a wrap with avocado and some other veggies.  Sorry Bobby, this probably isn’t going to happen in my lifetime.  Boiled chicken has got to be one of the most boring things on the planet, and I can’t even begin to describe my distaste for avocado.

I’m considering marinating a bunch of chicken and cooking it, and then bringing it on a wrap with a little cheese, a lot of lettuce, and a smear of ranch dressing, but that’s probably not the route he was trying to take me.  In any case, I thought I’d give it a try … Will loves those Shortcuts, but they’re loaded with sodium.  At the very least, I can probably grill our own and package them in single servings in the freezer for when we’re ready for them.  It might not be any healthier than the lunchmeat I’ve been bringing, but at least its fresher and less sodium-laden, right?


4 Responses to “I Brought My Lunch Today”

  1. Joy Manning Says:

    When I used to work in an office, I brought my lunch most days. I can’t remember if you like items in the legume family, but two of my favorites were black beans and brown rice or curried red lentil burgers (which I made in bulk every once in a while and froze) on whole wheat English muffins. Homemade soups make excellent lunches to go as well. They can also be made in a large quantity ahead, portioned out individually, frozen and microwaved.

  2. Love that you brought your lunch! Great job… as for the smear of ranch dressing… you KNOW that’s not where I was going with it…

    As for the boiled chicken idea, you can think outside the box a little… but just a little. You can “spice it up” a little but BEWARE of the sodium.

    I’m a big fan of the legume family as well, so if you can stomach them, that would be a great addition to your protein rotation 🙂

  3. lisa d Says:

    jax, as you age your taste buds change so give things a second chance.if you still dislike, okay but you never know!!!!!!

  4. lennonzgal Says:

    Thanks for the comments, folks! I recently re-tried beans and still don’t like them (it’s a texture thing), but I’m definitely on the lookout for things I can make and take to work. I’m a big pasta fan, so it’ll likely end up being leftovers from the night before … like today, I did ravioli and green beans. Tasty and filling. Being picky definitely makes all of these changes harder, but I’m working at it!!

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