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9/21 Workout: Long Run 22 September 2009

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Did you know that people are hit by cars more in the fall than any other time of year?  It’s because dusk starts earlier, and people aren’t used to having to pay more attention to what’s going on in the road.  I’m acutely aware of that nowadays, I try hard to wear light-colored clothing with as many reflective surfaces as possible.  Still, I think I’m going to need to invest in some sort of lighting.  Any of my runner readers … if you know of a good wearable light, I’d appreciate the recommendations.  I’m not talking a ‘hey don’t hit me’ light so much as I am talking about a ‘hey I can see you, so don’t kidnap me’ sort of light … something I could wear mining if I wanted to.

Tonights run was fabulous.  I’d load up a link, but I had to shut the GPS portion of the watch off about 1 mile into the run, so it wouldn’t look right.  In any case, I made it a 35 minute jaunt tonight, which is great.  I probably did something to the effect of 2.6-2.75 miles, I’m not 100% sure … again, because I didn’t have the GPS working.  I feel good, I felt strong out there.  I definitely need to illuminate a little more now that its darker earlier, but it was an excellent run nonetheless.


2 Responses to “9/21 Workout: Long Run”

  1. Joy Manning Says:

    That sounds great! I didn’t get to run today but I plan to go tomorrow for sure.

    I did sign up for a run my friend told me about. It’s over the Walt Whitman Bridge on Nov. 1.

    In case you’re interested here’s the link:

  2. […] less intimidating than someone who is thinking about running as a way to begin exercising. But, as Jax mentioned in the comments, there is the easy to follow and popular Couch to 5K program, recommended […]

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