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9/26 Workout: 6-minute Run 27 September 2009

Filed under: Feel the Burn — lennonzgal @ 00:14

Yep, 6 minutes.  So, I have been ridiculously tired lately.  I mean, totally can’t focus exhausted.  I have a feeling it was just because we’ve been busy lately – over the weekend of the 12th, we had a rehearsal dinner and a wedding to go to, both of which caused me to have a ton of fun, but also to be out quite late for me (I’m usually asleep on the couch by 9pm).  Then, last weekend was my birthday … another out-late sort of night.  When you’re up at 4:45am for work every morning, it’s sort of hard to catch up on sleep.  I think I did last night – I slept til 9:30am, around 2 hours later than I normally wake on a Satursday.  Since we had so many errands to run this morning, it was a get up and shower quickly sort of morning.

So, the run got postponed til this evening … by the time I was able to run, it was pouring here.  Figures.  I attempted the “new” treadmill in the basement (it’s a treadmill that was at my father’s work for years, and then has been sitting in my parents’ basement for a couple years after that … I estimate the thing to be probably 8-10 years old) … it SUUUUUCKS.

For starters, the thing is on a permanent incline, which is annoying.  Second, you need to sort of kick-start it – the track won’t start on its own, you have to pull on it to get it to run.  And last, there’s no good way to tell what the setting’s at; you have to turn this dial and sort of guess (which put me running at around 7 mph until I spun the thing back down).

Add to that the fact that there’s zero air in my basement, and you’ll see why I stopped early.  I’ll run in the morning instead.


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