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I Seriously DRANK That Crap?? 27 September 2009

Filed under: Fun With Food — lennonzgal @ 00:04

There’s something that diet soda drinkers do that I like to call the Aspartame Wretch.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, have a sip of diet soda.  I’ll wait …. THERE!  That was it.  Did you notice that as the soda hit the back of your mouth, you sort of jerked your head forward as if to force your body to swallow it?  That, my friends, is the Aspartame Wretch.  Don’t deny it, we all do it.

Today, we ran errands at the mall.  By the time we were leaving, I realized that I was quite thirsty and wanted something to drink.  So, I stopped and bought myself a bottle of water and I grabbed a diet soda for Will.  I thought to myself, “One sip won’t kill me,” and so I had a sip.  Dear God, diet soda is disgusting.  In addition to doing an exaggerated version of said Wretch, I swear I had to will my body to keep it down.  I was truly disgusted by the stuff.  I guess that answers the question of whether or not I’ll just go back and start drinking it again sometime … probably not.


One Response to “I Seriously DRANK That Crap??”

  1. […] and I did see a drastic change in my weight in that week.   On top of which, I did have a sip of the stuff this weekend, and HATED it.  Aspartame, you were a good friend when I needed you, but […]

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