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9/29 Workout: Jogger Run 30 September 2009

Filed under: Feel the Burn — lennonzgal @ 12:26


My laptop’s been acting hokey, so I didn’t get to write this last night.  Liam and I headed out in the jogger last night, and aside from some wind, we did really well.  Liam actually got quite a kick out of the wind … I think that it made him think we were going faster than we were.  He’d stick his hands out of the jogger and yell, “Wheeee!!”  Again, it’s hard to run when you’re laughing!  He does tend to get fussy by the time we get to the last stretch of the first loop around the neighborhood, so I don’t think that a jogger run will ever entail going longer than the 1.6 miles that we usually go when we head out with the jogger.  I have a few ideas to maybe stretch it a little longer, I might try one of them tomorrow night, based on whether or not I get out on a run tonight as well.


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