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180.8 (12.6 Total Lost) 30 October 2009

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Much better.  I’m still a quarter-pound up from two weeks ago, but I’m not too concerned about that.  Seeing 180 again made me feel much better this morning.

I’m going to have to try hard to keep the loss going over the weekend – we’ve got lunch and dinner plans for tomorrow because everyone wants to see Liam in his costume (which will be ridiculously cute).  My plan is to run in the morning after a small breakfast, and then to try and manage the junk as well as I can.  I’ll be okay with candy; we’ll probably take Liam to maybe 4 houses, so that’s not a problem.  It’ll be the sandwiches and pizza I’m concerned with.  Still, I think I’ll be able to reel it in.  And tonight, will NOT be pizza night because tomorrow will be.  That should help as well.

I’m just keeping my fingers crossed for a decent number come next Friday.  We’ll see what happens.


10/29 Workout: Long Run

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Today was truly the best run I’ve had in a long time!!  Unfortunately, my GPS battery was low enough that I had to turn off the satellite to make sure the stopwatch would last the length of my run – a 37:30 run – probably the longest I had in a while.  I was really pleased with it.

I enjoyed the run too; I passed a family with a few dogs (I scared the hell out of them … sorry!), a kid who I’m pretty sure was doing his workout for the upcoming hockey season (based on the bouncing back and forth … he looked like he was practicing his stopping), and a few others.  Its nice to be able to smile and wave at folks as I do my laps.

I did nearly 2 laps around the neighborhood.  A single lap is roughly 1.6 miles, so just under 2 laps is just under 3 miles most likely – a respectable distance, especially since its probably the furthest I’ve gone since the race in August (which, let’s face, I walked most of that).

So, I’m pleased and I hope that it is reflected in my weight tomorrow.  If not, I think I’m going to have to really stop and figure out what’s going on, because not much has changed in my eating these past two weeks.  The big thing that I realized today was that we got regular Gatorade back in the house, so I’ve been drinking Gatorade cut with water as opposed to LifeWater cut with water – there’s more sodium in the Gatorade.  I was thinking I’d give that a shot next week and see if maybe the sodium is screwing me up.


181.8 29 October 2009

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It’s a loss.  Not quite the confidence-booster I was hoping for, but since yesterday was Wednesday and I usually stay the same on Thursday mornings, I’ll take it happily.  Plus, after the Phillies win last night (hear that, Bobby?  PHILLIES), how can I not be in a good mood?

Then, I was putzing around on CNN today and saw this article on “real” women by “Glamour”.  It was nice to see.  Those women aren’t exactly what I’d call plus size (I think that every one of them is smaller than I am), but they’re real.  They’re curvy, flabby, and content with it.  I was also pleased to see mostly-positive comments in the posts below the article.  I was a little wary of reading them, as when I used to belong to My Food Diary, there would often be a post pointing something like this out, and within minutes, there’d be some snarky post from a size 2 woman ranting about how being overweight is NEVER pretty and that it may be a struggle to stay thin, but that those of us who are heavy don’t have it any harder than she does, we’re just not as motivated.  What a sense of community, huh? 

I hope that this trend of “real” women continues.  It’s nice to see.  Makes me think that maybe being in the lower 180’s isn’t as embarrassing as I thought.


10/27 Workout: HHA

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Yep, had a sweaty date with Shawn T. this evening.  It’s been a while since I did the video, and as it happens, I still enjoy it 🙂  Hopefully, it’ll help me get that weight back down tomorrow.


182.2 28 October 2009

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I can’t begin to tell you how frustrated I am, mainly because there’s no reason for me to have stayed the same, let alone gain weight.  At this point, I’m hoping that I stay the same for the week and don’t gain.  Frustrating, frustrating, frustrating.


Short Chick Running 27 October 2009

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For Valentine’s Day this year, Will got me what I would probably consider to be the most perfect gift he has ever gotten me.  It wasn’t expensive, it wasn’t jewelry, but it was a result of him really listening to me and considering what I would truly want.  And best of all, it was a total surprise. 

See, Will took Liam to Target and Runaway Success and picked up a full running outfit for me.  That included a pair of black and pink capris, a matching pink top, a black and pink sports bra, my favorite brand running socks, and a couple of those thingies that are supposed to keep your shoelaces actually tied (mine are always coming undone).  I had been mentioning that I’d like to run again once Spring rolled around, and he really listened.  It meant the world to me.

So, after I opened my gift and made a fuss, he took me to Target to show me something else he saw, but didn’t pick up – running pants sold in lengths.  When I looked at them, I swear I heard a chorus of angels.  Being 5’3″, I basically have two running options: 1) I can buy tons of “cropped” pants and have cold ankles during a wintertime run or 2) I can but regular pants and end up nearly killing myself as I trip over the pant legs for the umpteenth time.  Seeing the Champion C9 clothes made me so happy.  There they were, in all sorts of colors – pink, blue, black, whatever.  Not only did they have lengths, but they had ATTRACTIVE lengths!  Add to that the fact that when I tried my regular size on that they fit (most “sports” brands apparently think that women only come in Junior’s sizes, so I end up being an XL or even an XXL), and you know that I was a happy camper. 

Fast forward to this weekend.  We stopped in at Target, because that cold weather is upon us, and my one pair of correct-length pants is no longer going to cut it.  I’m running 3 days per week, and at some point those bad boys are going to get up and climb into the washing machine on their own.  I was saddened to find that not only had they moved their short and long pants to the very back of the athletic section, but their selection had greatly diminished.  I looked back at all of the cute sky/navy, white/gray, pink/black combinations and then compared them to my choices: black or gray. 

Discouraged, I stopped in Modell’s and then hopped onto the internet to find some of the online running warehouses.  None of them carried extended sizes.  I sent an email to Champion last night, and I ask you to do the same if you have a moment – ask them to make nicer clothes for the short and the tall.  Its not fair that since we are oddly shaped that we get stuck with the boring stuff, and I would like to note that this is often the case in regular clothes too, not just sports attire.  It’s frustrating for someone like me. 

So, to my friends at Champion – if you somehow come upon this, I beg you to consider releasing the same clothes for all lengths.  I’d certainly buy a lot more if I had better choices!!  In the meantime, I’ll wear my pink/black pants from earlier in the year and reminisce about the days where I felt just as important as the regular-sized people!



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Ok, back down we go.  I feel like I can breathe now.  After last night’s run, I would have been seriously upset if there wasn’t a decent loss this morning.  I felt like I really did a good job on the run, so I’m glad to see a reward for that. 

Tonight, we’re headed down to the ‘rents to pick up Liam and get dinner.  Sounds like its going to be a roast with some potatoes, so I feel like that’s a decent, healthy meal to encourage another great loss tomorrow!