A Little Less Of Me

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10/1 Workout: Jogger Run 1 October 2009

Filed under: Feel the Burn — lennonzgal @ 23:52


What a great way to start off the month!  Liam was a bit fussy, so I decided to give the jogger a try and see if it would calm him down.  I learned a very valuable lesson: if Liam won’t eat his dinner at the table, stuff it in the tray of the jogger.  He ate every pea and every piece of his grilled cheese.

On top of that, I decided not to turn back down my street like I normally do, and continue back sort of going backwards along my run.  To my surprise, Liam was okay with it and didn’t start getting mad until a little later in the run.  When he did, he was pissed as hell, but at least I got another .25 miles or so in.  I’m thinking I might even try taking him outside of our neighborhood and seeing how he does there … assuming I can muster up the energy to drag my carcass and the jogger up that hill!


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