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183.0 6 October 2009

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Well, that came out of the blue, but its certainly a welcome number.  Yesterday was quite a challenge, which is why I’m not sure just how much I trust this number. 

To start, our office water club was out of service until about 2pm, which means there was little to no water available for someone who never carries cash.  Yes, I can drink out of the tap, but the water in this building has actual visible cloudiness that I frankly don’t trust.  Maybe it’s just me, but I keep thinking that water should be clear.

Then, it was the first Monday of the month.  Normally, this is dedicated to our Dip Club.  It’s a goofy once a month meeting that my friends and I do and have done for a while now.  It started out as Bacon of the Month Club when one of the guys on the team got a subscription to Bacon of the Month for Christmas.  For a whole year, we each got a slice of some random (apple honey, smoked, bbq, etc) bacon.  We really enjoyed the 10 minute break from our normal duties, and we got a kick out of arguing which was the best bacon.  When the year was up, he left the program and thus began Dip Club.  This time, each of us would make (or buy, though I always made) dip and bring it in for everyone.  This was easy … you take a couple pieces of fruit, or tortilla chips, or whatever and taste a little bit of the dip.  You’re up MAYBE 50-100 calories for the day, which is easily made up by skipping out on other snacks later.  Last month, the founder of Dip Club changed it to Breakfast Pastry Club.  Sigh.  This month was donuts.  I did the smart thing and split one with Will (ok, ok … the REALLY smart thing would have been to not have one, but that’s not the point of Breakfast Pastry Club, now is it?) … it was delicious, but I paid for it for a while.  My gall bladder is CRAP.  I get very uncomfortable when I have to process something as fatty as a donut.  That’s why you’ll rarely see a post on here about me having eaten a candy bar or something like that … in general, I stick to lower-fat foods because I can’t handle high-fat ones.  In any case, half a donut was enough for me … probably more than enough.  Next month, I’m supplying the pastries, so I’m going to make something, that way I know what I’m eating.

After work, we headed down to see our financial advisor.  On the weeks where Liam is at my mom’s, we’re trying to get our house and lives in order, and the top things on that list are money, will, and insurance – all of which we covered last night, at least as a starting point.  Unfortunately, that meant we didn’t get home until 7:30pm and we were both STARVING (next time we see him, we’re taking dinner to work with us).  We got home and ravaged the freezer to find leftovers to make.  Will opted for a veggie burger and chips while I re-heated a bag of pasta.  I figured, I didn’t eat pasta yesterday, so I’m still on track for two nights a week.

Once dinner was done around 8:00, I needed about a half-hour to digest … starting my workout at 8:30 just doesn’t happen in my house.  Workouts wake me up.  If I can’t get it in by 7:30, I’ll be up for hours and then I’ll be a mess the rest of the week.  So … no exercise last night either.  Will worked on his midterm, and I fell asleep on the couch.

Tonight isn’t looking good for the home team either.  Every other week, Liam is at my mom’s, and I go to get him on Tuesdays.  That means I’ll be at her house til at least 7pm, likely more towards 7:30 (we can’t leave until Liam is sleepy or he’ll be screaming for the hour drive).  So, I brought lunch (a pasta dish … its not at dinner, so it doesn’t count as one of my two days, so thbbbbbt), and I’ll be very selective about what I have at mom’s.  Thankfully, they finished off the birthday cake last night, so I don’t have to worry about dessert!!


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