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10/8 Workout: Jogger Run 9 October 2009

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I swear that running with the jogger is really helping my speed and endurance.  I may run slower with the jogger than I do without, but it seems to be akin to speed work.  Running slower with the jogger, but pushing that extra weight uses different muscles as well as sort of over-stretching the muscles I use to run.  Doing so allows my stride to be longer, faster, and overall more efficient.  Based on how I’ve been feeling while running, I think its working.

We took our evening run tonight, and Liam tolerated about 5 minutes less than he usually does, which resulted in him getting upset just as we were nearing the house, and me feeling bad and stopping to take him in.  I’m glad I did – the weather is getting chillier, and despite a hoodie, his little face and hands get cold.  Thankfully, Will is only in school another week and a half.  By the time its getting really too cold to even think about taking Liam out, I’ll be able to head out on my own again.  Of course, I’m already dreading that first jogger run in the Spring … it’s going to hurt!!

Runner’s World had a cute article on running with a baby in a jogger.  I found it rather fitting for Liam and I.  As much as I often feel bad for stuffing him in the jogger and taking him outside when I can’t really talk to him (being out of breath and all), he really seems to get a kick out of it – waving to people, making the sign for car, saying hi to all of the dogs … there’s a lot going on in the world that we take for granted, but that Liam loves.  Running with a baby or little kid gives you a whole new perspective on life in general.  It really makes me realize that there’s so much I don’t appreciate any more, but that I should.  As we run, I smile at the passers-by, throw treats to the dogs (when I remember to bring them), and just appreciate my surroundings.  It’s a really nice feeling.


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