A Little Less Of Me

My quest to become thinner and healthier

180.6 (12.8 Total Lost) 16 October 2009

Filed under: Daily Weight Log — lennonzgal @ 10:45

Now we’re getting somewhere!  I feel like I will be at 179 soon, which makes me think that maybe I shouldn’t wear the pants I just bought from Ann Taylor (my new favorite store) … perhaps I should try on the smaller size and see how I feel about trying to get into them instead.  I mean, this past week I had run out of jeans and hadn’t done laundry, so in last-ditch effort to find some friggin’ pants in my closet, I grabbed the size 12 Gap jeans I had purchased over the summer as a for-the-future pair, and they fit!  So, maybe size 12 isn’t so far away after all.

Bobby postponed our conversation last night, so I got a little done around the house which was nice.  It was freezing out when Liam and I got home, and raining, so running was totally out of the question.  I know its supposed to rain at least part of tomorrow, so I’m hoping to find a spot when it isn’t raining to get in a run, and hopefully a decent one at that.

This weekend shouldn’t be too bad … tomorrow we have no plans, except that Will has to get his final projects in for school, so  he’ll be working on them, which means I’ll be chasing Liam around.  We might hit the Ann Taylor outlet so that I can do the pants exchange (and pick up a brooch that I saw and have been obsessing over since), or I might take him out and get his haircut (which he needs – badly).  We’ll see what the day brings!  I have feeling the outlets will be empty – they’re mostly outside so people might avoid them in the rain; at least, that’s my hope.  Sunday, we’re going to try and go pumpkin picking and then head to Peddler’s Village for the scarecrow competition, a family tradition in my home.  A fun, and hopefully low-fat weekend!


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