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Short Chick Running 27 October 2009

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For Valentine’s Day this year, Will got me what I would probably consider to be the most perfect gift he has ever gotten me.  It wasn’t expensive, it wasn’t jewelry, but it was a result of him really listening to me and considering what I would truly want.  And best of all, it was a total surprise. 

See, Will took Liam to Target and Runaway Success and picked up a full running outfit for me.  That included a pair of black and pink capris, a matching pink top, a black and pink sports bra, my favorite brand running socks, and a couple of those thingies that are supposed to keep your shoelaces actually tied (mine are always coming undone).  I had been mentioning that I’d like to run again once Spring rolled around, and he really listened.  It meant the world to me.

So, after I opened my gift and made a fuss, he took me to Target to show me something else he saw, but didn’t pick up – running pants sold in lengths.  When I looked at them, I swear I heard a chorus of angels.  Being 5’3″, I basically have two running options: 1) I can buy tons of “cropped” pants and have cold ankles during a wintertime run or 2) I can but regular pants and end up nearly killing myself as I trip over the pant legs for the umpteenth time.  Seeing the Champion C9 clothes made me so happy.  There they were, in all sorts of colors – pink, blue, black, whatever.  Not only did they have lengths, but they had ATTRACTIVE lengths!  Add to that the fact that when I tried my regular size on that they fit (most “sports” brands apparently think that women only come in Junior’s sizes, so I end up being an XL or even an XXL), and you know that I was a happy camper. 

Fast forward to this weekend.  We stopped in at Target, because that cold weather is upon us, and my one pair of correct-length pants is no longer going to cut it.  I’m running 3 days per week, and at some point those bad boys are going to get up and climb into the washing machine on their own.  I was saddened to find that not only had they moved their short and long pants to the very back of the athletic section, but their selection had greatly diminished.  I looked back at all of the cute sky/navy, white/gray, pink/black combinations and then compared them to my choices: black or gray. 

Discouraged, I stopped in Modell’s and then hopped onto the internet to find some of the online running warehouses.  None of them carried extended sizes.  I sent an email to Champion last night, and I ask you to do the same if you have a moment – ask them to make nicer clothes for the short and the tall.  Its not fair that since we are oddly shaped that we get stuck with the boring stuff, and I would like to note that this is often the case in regular clothes too, not just sports attire.  It’s frustrating for someone like me. 

So, to my friends at Champion – if you somehow come upon this, I beg you to consider releasing the same clothes for all lengths.  I’d certainly buy a lot more if I had better choices!!  In the meantime, I’ll wear my pink/black pants from earlier in the year and reminisce about the days where I felt just as important as the regular-sized people!


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