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11/29 Workout: Run 28 November 2009

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I was going to post that today’s workout was power-shopping (in heels, no less), but I decided to head out for a run too!

It’s been a week since I ran, and I fully expected to SUCK.  I didn’t!  I was really determined to get out there today and have a good run, and I did.  Cold and wind be damned, I loved it (though my ears are a bit numb … time to pull out my favorite running hat).

It was a slow run, but since the dizziness situation, I need to sort of work my way back up as far as speed and mileage go, and today was good – I was faster than last week, and I’m sure I’ll do even better next week.


180.6 25 November 2009

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Annoying, but manageable.  Not much else to say today … got packing to do for Thanksgiving!!


179.8 23 November 2009

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I was honestly shocked to see this in the morning, but I do have to say that as far as eating goes, this was a weird weekend.  Friday was semi-normal.  I intended to make pizza, but the dough took longer than I remembered, so we ended up freezing both halves and ordering a pie.  I had two slices.

Saturday was an all-day scrapbooking event with a neighbor.  I had a great time, but the food wasn’t what I was expecting.  I was honestly thinking that we’d be having pizza or hoagies or something like that, and it ended up being beef stew.  I don’t enjoy beef enough to eat it for lunch, and I HATE stew, so that wasn’t really an option for me.  I snacked instead, but even that wasn’t as much as I sort of expected that I was going to – I had two handfuls of Sun Chips, four chocolate-covered mini-pretzels, and two pecan sandies all day.  I did bring a container of Cat’s Cookies from Trader Joes with me, and I had a couple handfuls of them, but even then … I believe it might have been a maximum of two servings, because I did count the cookies as I was eating them.  When I got home, Will had kindly made a roast, so I ate a plate of that plus potatoes, but even still … when all was said and done, they may not have bene GOOD calories for most of the day, but I certainly didn’t go OVER.

Yesterday, I was a little concerned about what I had eaten on Saturday so I sort of buckled down and made sure there wasn’t any extra snacking, and I did so with apparently a good amount of success.  So, my weight is pretty close to Friday’s, which is great.  It makes me feel like even with Thanksgiving, I have a chance of seeing a decent weight on Friday.

With the holidays approaching, I need a new plan … we’ve essentially got some sort of gathering to attend at least once a week straight through the New Year.  So, I need to really sit down and decide – do I care about losing weight through the holidays, or will I be happy just coming out the other end somewhere around 180?  I feel like the latter is my best option.  Sliding into the New Year at 180 will give me a 13-pound loss for 2009, about an average of a quarter-pound per week.  Not the half-pound I was looking for, but I personally think that its a decent loss for a year.  I still have about 6 weeks to get to that, and anything can happen, but I think that I’m better off sort of flatlining for the remainder of the year than I am trying to lose weight and getting myself frustrated.

More than likely, I’ll re-evaluate after each event and see how I did and how I felt about it all.  That way, I’ll have a good plan for heading into Christmas, and more importantly, for heading into our trip to Indiana the week after Christmas.


11/22 Workout: Run

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There’s something especially fun about going for a run on a nice weekend in November, and I think that this is especially the case in a development such as mine.  We live in large-ish single homes in a development that has only one entry/exit, so you know that essentially everyone you see belongs to the neighborhood.

Yesterday, as I was making my way through the sidewalks, I chuckled to myself – along the way were men in shorts and long-sleeved shirts (always a style I hate, but if you can rock it, more power to you), little kids in layers because mommy didn’t know what the outside temperature was like, folks mowing their lawns, washing their cars, and my favorite – hanging Christmas lights.

You never quite know what you’re going to get in November.  Those nice days are so reminiscent of late Spring, and yet you have those blinking, multicolored reminders that Winter is just around the corner.  I enjoyed the run thoroughly.

I took it slow yesterday, as was evident by my time.  I think I made two miles in something like 26:30, so about 13:15 miles, which isn’t awful.  I was able to eek out 4 run:walks this time around without getting at all dizzy, so I was really happy about that.  I didn’t feel like a 5th was in my plan for yesterday, so I went with the 4 and was happy about it.  It’s been a while since I had a good, solid run, so I think I need to just sort of take it easy and build myself back up.  Now that the dizziness seems to have subsided (apparently, as a result of taking vitamins), I can get back to making progress.


179.2 (14.2 Total Lost) 20 November 2009

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A quarter-pound is nothing to worry about, a potential fluctuation, or merely the effect of no exercise all week.  In any case, its my lowest weight of the  year, and that’s damn exciting!  With just .8 pounds to go to hit  15 pounds, I feel like that’s a definite possibility, even with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up.

Last night, Bobby and I had our chat … this week’s was interesting.  Bobby kicked off the conversation saying that he was concerned with the rate at which I was losing weight and thought that with a little harder work, I could very easily lose more on a weekly basis (he was looking at maybe 1.5 pounds/week).  I told him no way.  If you’ve been reading since the beginning, you’ll know that I DID lose weight at a rapid pace (1-3 pounds per week for a total of 80 pounds in a year), and here I am, trying to take some of it back off. 

Losing weight quickly does a few things to me – first, it stresses me out.  Immensely.  I start feeling like I HAVE to lose that weight, like I HAVE to meet that weekly goal.  Right now, I’ve loosely defined my goal as around .5 pounds per week, with really any loss for the year being an accomplishment.  I’m officially under my doctor-logged pre-baby weight (179.6), and I’m a mere 3 pounds from my own logged pre-baby weight (somewhere around 176, according to a Weight Watchers ledger the spring before we got pregnant).  Coming from someone who was 230 at her highest pregnant weight, I think that’s excellent.  I was 193 a the beginning of the year, so seeing the 170’s again is happy for me.  If it takes me 5 years to lose the weight I’d like to lose, I’m fine with that.  For starters, that’ll force me into the habit of regular exercise and healthy eating.  Secondly, it’ll hopefully get Liam into the mindset of healthy eating without having his mother walking around mumbling about how “I should have lost a pound this week, but I lost .5 … this sucks … blah blah blah.”  I think that this slow pace is the best thing for me, and I’m happy here.

Bobby said he sees frequent yo-yoing in my blog … and yes, if you look on a per-week basis, you’ll see that after a weekend I’m up a couple pounds.  On average, around 2.  I’ve come up with a few reasons for that:

  1. Pizza.  I have pizza on the weekends.  That’s not changing.  I don’t handle sodium well, and I swell, causing weight gain.  I’ll deal.  It’s better than me giving up pizza, trust me.  And at the very least, we’re starting to hone in on a pizza recipe we love, so at least that sodium content will be lower soon.
  2. Water.  I’m terrible at drinking water at home.  Partly because Liam thinks that every glass/bottle/cup is his, and tends to drink from it, potentially breaking it.  So, I leave them in high spots in the house, of which we have very few.
  3. It’s a weekend!  Let’s be honest, it’s the weekend.  Weekends are filled with friends, food, and fun.  I’m a firm believer that if you don’t have that, then life isn’t worth living.  You need to go out.  You need to enjoy  yourself, and I feel sorry for the people who spend their weekends at home, alone, because their afraid that a restaurant might cause a temporary gain.  Not me.  I’m enjoying this life, and every life after this one.

So, with all of that explanation, Bobby challenged me to get more water in.  That I can do.  I’m going to start filling a pitcher with the filtered water from the fridge, and see where that gets me.  I have a ton of Sigg bottles in the house, so I can fill a few up and place them in spots where I know I’ll be and see where that goes.  I’m so in the habit of drinking water at work that its second nature; it should be that way at home too.

The next thing we talked about was resistance training.  I do it, but not often and not long enough to warrant calling it a workout.  I’ve got a couple of weights in my family room and I’ll use them when I think of it, and that’s about it.  Exercise to me is something I have to enjoy and I HATE using weights.  Hate it.  Bobby wants me to look into having a personal trainer come to the house once a month and teach me some workouts.  I’m going to look into it, but I’m not making any promises.  First, I don’t care what anyone says … paying a personal trainer to come to the house is a waste of money to me.  The money that I’m spending on Bobby was put aside and saved up so we could do it … I’m very hesitant to drop money on a trainer.  Second, having someone come to my house once a month to teach me exercises is in no way going to inspire me to do said training the rest of the month.  That’s something I’ve got to be willing to do, and I’m just not yet.  That’s not to say I won’t be, but right now, running is what I love, and that’s what I do.  So, I’m going to think about it, I’m going to get some information on it, but I’m not committing to anything yet.

The next thing he asked me to do was to give him a sort of life priority list.  What are the top 10 priorities in my life?  I think I see where he’s going with this (i.e., I can almost guarantee you that “be healthy” won’t be high on that list), so I’m going to do it and see where it leads.  Those things tend to be eye-openers, so we’ll see.

This call was our 5th meeting of 8, so we have three left.  I did the calculations, and the last one may be scheduled the week after Christmas, which is inspiration to keep the holiday weight to a minimum.  That’ll definitely be a bonus, because I don’t want to head into 2010 with extra work to do!


179.0 19 November 2009

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I was honestly a little surprised to see that this morning because I didn’t run last night, but it just goes to show you that I probably do get a little bit of exercise in on days when I’m home with Liam.  We went shopping, then I dragged him around the neighborhood in his wagon, then while he was napping, I was running up and down the stairs, straightening the house.  I was exhausted by the time Will came home!

Tonight, I’m definitely getting out for some semblance of a run.  I’ll be interested to see what my weight does as a result … I’ve seen it drop from a run, and I’ve seen it spike after a run.  I’d love to see 178 this week, but since I’ve just gotten re-acquainted with 179, I won’t hold my breath.


179.6 18 November 2009

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I think its a fairly good sign that I’m in the 170’s by Wednesday, don’t you?  It gives me a good two days to see if I can’t beat last week’s weigh-in.  I’m hoping for a run tonight, assuming Will doesn’t get home too terribly late.  I’m considering being dressed and ready for the run so that as soon as he gets home, we can eat and then I can get out there.  We’ll see how the day goes.  Sometimes I’m surprised at how quickly Liam can exhaust me!