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The Seasonal Purge 3 November 2009

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Every Spring and Fall, I begin what is now at least a two-week process of going through my shoes and clothes, pulling out the old and out-of-style, and switching the seasonal outfits.  It used to take me just two days, but that was before my closet-switching was limited to naptime 🙂 

This year, with the whole blog thing and the focus on being happier with me and whatever weight I end up being, I’ve been trying to pull out those things that are just too small.  I’ve done this in the past to some extent, but this time it seemed different.  There were a lot of size 8 outfits in my closet still, and I realized that every previous purge had me going through the clothes and just pulling out those too-small things that I didn’t like anyway.  This weekend, I pulled it ALL out.

I had worked on my shoes last weekend, eventually throwing out maybe 6 pair and backfilling them with 4 more.  It’s what I do.

This weekend, I decided I was going to methodically go through my closet and separate absolutely every article of clothing into piles: Doesn’t Fit and Won’t, Why the Hell Did I Ever Own This?, Likely to Fit in 10 Pounds, and Fits.  Those items that fell into one (or sometimes both) of the first two categories went into trash bags to be sifted through later – some things I might sell (like the gorgeous maroon velvet blazer from The Gap … in Size 6), and the rest will be given to Goodwill (like the see-through Aerosmith shirt I got that makes my arms look like they’re completely tatted-up … really?  I thought that was a GOOD look?). 

In the end, I have about 6 trash bags full of stuff that I need to sift through.  My closet is much more manageable now; the only things accessible to me are things that fit.  Anything that doesn’t fit is in the very back, waiting for the day it can be moved into the regular rotation.  That grouping is now very small – there are two pair of shorts, a small number of tank tops, and maybe a dozen blouses.  There are a few pair of pants as well, maybe 6.  Everything is a Medium or a Size 10, no smaller. 

I did find two pair of pants that fit currently, and quite a few tops I didn’t remember owning, so I was pleased.  Moreso than that,  it helped me realize that being a 10 won’t be a bad thing at all, if I get to it – holding up those pants as compared to the 14’s I just put in the Fat Bin made me giggle.  Being a 10 would be a damn good thing, I think. 

And this morning when I went to get dressed, the stress was almost non-existant.  In previous seasons (especially last year when I was really post-baby), getting dressed has been a major stressor – going into that closet, filled with everything from size 6 through size 14 has been painful.  Looking at piles and piles of things that didn’t fit and trying to sift through them to find something that did was awful.  I always ended up looking in the mirror and thinking, “I look awful.  I wish I could get into <insert too-small piece of clothing here>.”  That would result in me feeling terrible for most of the day, and the cycle would continue.

Today, I hopped into my closet, looked around, found a great vest and blouse to go with my khakis, checked myself out in the mirror, and thought nothing of it.  It was wonderful, and I can’t wait to do it again!


One Response to “The Seasonal Purge”

  1. Joy Manning Says:

    This post is awe inspiring and hilarious. I don’t own 12 blouses/top, period. I actually just counted–there are 6 tops in my closet that aren’t tees or tanks. I definitely relate to the closet drama and not long ago I donated everything that didn’t fit me, which was like 75 percent of what I had. Still, even though my closet is kind of empty, it is 100 percent better to confront a rack of stuff that fits.

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