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My quest to become thinner and healthier

184.4 9 November 2009

Filed under: Daily Weight Log — lennonzgal @ 20:09

Yeah, you read that right … must have been a rougher weekend than even I thought it was.  I didn’t get a chance to run at all this because we spent all of Saturday and most of Sunday morning outside digging out what I believe to be a garden.  We’ve lived in our home 4 years now, and we’ve apparently completely ignored the flowerbed on the right side of our home, resulting in what I can only call ridiculous overgrowth.  After much digging, cursing, and chasing Liam away from the shovels, its back to an acceptable level of ugliness.  Now if we could only plant stuff …

In the meantime, that full day of gardenwork on Saturday resulted in a second dinner out.  This normally would have been alright (think, chicken and pasta or similar), but Liam was in an “I’m going to throw a tantrum wherever we are” sort of mood, so anything sit-down was not acceptable.  Off to the pizza place we went.  I only got one slice, but I’m sure the salt did me no good.

I may not lose this week, but that doesn’t mean giving up … that means buckling down and getting myself under control.  The Christmas music has come out, which means that there are precious few weeks  before the official beginning of the holiday season, where my goal will be to merely maintain and curcumvent a horrible new year gain.

Can I do it?  Sure!  Today its back on the wagon, so to speak.  I intend to run tonight, though my exhaustion level might have other ideas for me … I haven’t been this tired since we brought Liam home from the hospital.  I’m sure its mostly a hormonal thing, but it’s going to present a challenge.  Thankfully, Will HAS to run tonight, so I’ll feel bad sending him out all by himself 🙂  I’m going to try and get out there at least for a little bit at the very least.  Dinner will be simple – chicken and pasta most likely, and we’ll see how it all works out on the scale tomorrow.


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