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11/12 Workout: WAAAAAAARM Run 13 November 2009

Filed under: Feel the Burn — lennonzgal @ 11:10

Yesterday, Will says to me, “Make sure you wear extra, I wore my running gloves last night and I really needed them.”  So, out I went looking like Nanook of the North with my running tights underneath regular running pants, my reflective jacket over my normal wicking shirt, my wicking winter hat, and a pair of gloves (lost the wicking ones, need to find them).

Here’s a rule of thumb for runners in cold weather: you should always start out a little cold.  I didn’t.  I was warm and toasty when I kicked off my run and I overheated about 15 minutes into it.  By 10 minutes, I had started to remove the gloves, I couldn’t remove the hat (oh my, the hair that would have popped out!), and I had unzipped the jacket.  The problem was those tights.  For those of you who don’t know, running tights  can be a layer or work by themselves (though I’d never wear them that way myself).  They’re very tight running pants that essentially keep all your body heat close to your muscles to keep them warm and functioning.  Tights are great in 30 degree weather.  Not so much in 50 degree weather.

So, I finished a little better than a lap in my neighborhood and called it a night.  This weekend I should have time to get out and run Saturday afternoon or evening, so I’m going to try and make that my long run.


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