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179.8 22 December 2009

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Not surprising; I couldn’t resist tasting a few cookies from the multiple trays that were sent in to work yesterday.  Add that to the complete lack of exercise, and yeah … gain.  Not a bad one though.

I hope to run tonight, based on when Will gets home and how I’m feeling … my back started giving me a wee bit of trouble, so I’m deciding whether or not its worth attempting.  Tomorrow is lunch out with my two closest friends, so I should probably eek some sort of exercise in to offset what will probably be a wonderful gab-and-eat session.


179.4 21 December 2009

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Not bad, especially for a pre-holiday weekend.  I can’t wait until I really feel like every Monday will be a weight in the 170’s, I think that’ll be a nice feeling.

It also bodes well for the next couple of days.  We’ve got a lot going on in our house; preparations for Christmas day always  have us running (happily) up to the last minute, so there likely won’t be a whole lot of time for mindless snacking until the actual day hits. 

Probably I won’t be checking in as regularly over the next two weeks … with life as busy as it will be, I’ll still be getting on the scale (to keep myself in check), but I may not have time to post everything.  So, I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!

Oh, and Happy Anniversary to “A Little Less of Me” … I started this blog a year ago yesterday!  Wow!  In a year, I think I’ve made some great progress.  I’ve lost 15 pounds, I’ve stopped drinking soda (and subsequently caffiene), and I’m overall making smarter choices at the food store … we make our own pizza and granola now, we try to only buy things whose ingredients we can read, etc.  That’s great progress. 

Just like Joy, I’m starting to think about my resolutions for the upcoming year.  Generally, I reflect on that in the few days after the New Year, I try not to worry about it now when I’ve got the rest of holiday stress to think about.  So, come the new year, I’ll definitely keep you posted on those!


12/20 Workout: Run

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Amazingly enough, I was able to get out for a run yesterday!  It was cold, but the run itself was really nice.  I even was starting to think that towards the end, my Under Armour might have been a little too warm!

The challenge to a post-snow run isn’t the cold or the wind; rather, its the way in which people shovel (or don’t in some cases).  For instance, my run yesterday was a loop around my neighborhood.  I was dressed warmly enough to fend off the chill and the wind, so I was set there.  It was daytime, so I didn’t need to worry about not seeing ice.  What I did need to worry about was the fact that many people in my neighborhood don’t feel it necessary to shovel their sidewalks.  Some find it necessary to only shovel a small space in which a person could sort of shimmy through.  Some shovel, but only half-assed and you get that lovely coating of ice from the snow that was flattened by the shovel.  “So, why don’t you just run in the street, then, you big baby?”  you’re asking … because there are an equal number of people in my neighborhood who use a snow-blower and (illegally) blow the snow from their sidewalk into the street, where it then turns to ice.  So, you have to sort of watch what’s going on 2 and 3 houses ahead of you and zig-zag from street to sidewalk and back again.  Not a problem though, its just more distance, right?

In all, decent run.  I felt good when I got home, and my legs are that good sort of sore this morning.  I’m hoping that the weather holds out long enough for me to get another one in on Tuesday!


178.4 (15.0 Total Lost!) 18 December 2009

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What a fantastic way to start the holidays!  I hit my 15-pound goal for the year, which is really what I was hoping for.  It’s my own little Christmas miracle! 

I think that even though my weight was a little high yesterday, it was actually mostly salt.  We did eat dinner out on Wednesday night, and even salads are high in sodium.  So, take that into account plus the fact that I ate relatively decently yesterday (so, I might have had a couple of cookies from our cookie exchange at work, but obviously it didn’t matter much!) and I hit my goal for the year.  Not bad. 

I’m considering this to be my official pre-holiday weight.  I won’t guarantee that I’ll weigh in next Friday (though I might do an unofficial weigh-in on Thursday instead), and like I said before, blogging through the holiday will be intermittent at best – we’ll be doing parties and visiting and too much other fun stuff to sit in front of the computer for any extended period of  time.

This weekend looks to be rather busy … tonight, I’ve got a scrapbooking party with my scrapbooking group, so tonight’s challenge will be to eat my homemade pizza before the party and to avoid anything but a small taste of the offerings at said party.  Tomorrow, assuming the snow doesn’t come our way (say a little prayer for that, will ya?  i hate snow with a passion), we’ll be headed into Philly to the hair salon.  And then Sunday, I’ll be here at work, though only for a short period of time, to offset some of the vacation time I’ll be taking over the next two weeks.  Busy, busy busy!

I didn’t get a chance to run last night … Will ended up not leaving his happy hour until 7:30pm, and while I’ll run happily in the cold, I think 20 degrees is probably even a little too cold for me.  Plus, if I run after 7:30, I tend not to sleep well, so I skipped it.  I’ll catch up on Saturday after our appointment … again, assuming no snow.  Did I mention that I hate snow?  I have a feeling we’re going to get a lot of it this year … I hope Liam likes it!


180.2 17 December 2009

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Apparently, for the next two weeks, my writing will be intermittent at best.  I did get a run in on Tuesday night, and it was a good one, but between baking, wrapping, and visiting, I haven’t had time to sit and write about it.

My weight was down to 178.6 yesterday, but then we did dinner out with friends, so I fully expected a bit of a spike this morning.  I’m hoping to get a run in, based on when Will gets  home from his team’s holiday happy hour, and at the very least, eating will be back to normal today, so there’s that.


180.2 15 December 2009

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Hey – not bad.  This week might actually get me to a good pre-holiday point! 

Weather was actually somewhat warm this morning (warm being a relative term here meaning that it wasn’t 22 degrees out), so I’m hopeful that a run is in my future … it’ll all depend on the rain.  The sky hasn’t stopped looking crappy and cloudy, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed that I can get out there!


181.6 14 December 2009

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Despite baking cookies yesterday, I managed a respectable weight.  I did pretty well not eating half of the dough this year, so that’s a bonus.  I’m hoping to see a little bit of a loss tomorrow, even though more cookies will be baked tonight … we’ll see what we come up with!