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180.8 1 December 2009

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Heh – not bad.  My pre-Thanksgiving weight was 180.6, so I’m damn close. 

Thanksgiving was great!  On Wednesday, we headed down to Philadelphia to have dinner with my family at Ted’s Montana Grill … decent burgers, and good times with the fam.  We celebrated my father’s birthday with cake in the hotel, and then went to sleep to rest up for our early morning. 

On Thursday, we all woke and got ready for breakfast and the parade.  Breakfast was a lovely buffet at our hotel, and we headed out to Logan Square to catch the parade.  Liam loved it!  He didn’t quite get what was going on when Mickey passed (he’s only ever seen Mickey on TV, so he didn’t seem to understand how they were there in the street), but by the time Minnie and Daisy passed about 10 minutes later, he was waving happily to them.  When Elmo passed by, we almost had a meltdown.  It was a lot of fun! 

After the parade, we did the traditional Thanksgiving thing back in Warminster, and then headed home to prepare for my cousins to come and visit the next day.  Liam’s little cousins Rory and Arden came by to play, and we all ordered hoagies and pizza for lunch.  Will and I finished the pizza for dinner since the kitchen was too torn apart from Christmas decorating to even think about cooking.

On Saturday, I was able to eek in a run, and despite heading to a baby shower, I didn’t eat anything I didn’t plan to.  Sunday, Mom and I hit the outlets and then met the family for dinner at Ruby Tuesday. 

I spent Monday and Tuesday of last week panicking about what I was going to eat during all of these events, trying to figure out what was healthy at Ted’s and trying to decide how I would handle sandwich day on Friday.  Then I woke up on Wednesday and the first thing that came to mind was, “Fuck it.”  And that’s how I felt for the rest of the weekend.  I didn’t overstuff myself, I stopped when I was full, but I tasted a little bit of everything and I did fine.  I think that that’s  how I’m going to handle the rest of the holiday season as well.  I’m not going to deprive myself because I might gain a little weight temporarily.  I’m going to enjoy my holiday and not regret missing out on my aunt’s mashed potatoes, or my Godmother’s pies.  This is going to be a fun holiday, and if I can manage to stay the same throughout, it’ll be even better.  And yes, Joy, that has become my mantra as well. 

Stay the same … stay the same … stay the same …


One Response to “180.8”

  1. lisa d Says:

    stay the same . i agree,both you and joy should never change. i love you both just the way you are!!!!!!

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