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12/20 Workout: Run 21 December 2009

Filed under: Feel the Burn — lennonzgal @ 15:03

Amazingly enough, I was able to get out for a run yesterday!  It was cold, but the run itself was really nice.  I even was starting to think that towards the end, my Under Armour might have been a little too warm!

The challenge to a post-snow run isn’t the cold or the wind; rather, its the way in which people shovel (or don’t in some cases).  For instance, my run yesterday was a loop around my neighborhood.  I was dressed warmly enough to fend off the chill and the wind, so I was set there.  It was daytime, so I didn’t need to worry about not seeing ice.  What I did need to worry about was the fact that many people in my neighborhood don’t feel it necessary to shovel their sidewalks.  Some find it necessary to only shovel a small space in which a person could sort of shimmy through.  Some shovel, but only half-assed and you get that lovely coating of ice from the snow that was flattened by the shovel.  “So, why don’t you just run in the street, then, you big baby?”  you’re asking … because there are an equal number of people in my neighborhood who use a snow-blower and (illegally) blow the snow from their sidewalk into the street, where it then turns to ice.  So, you have to sort of watch what’s going on 2 and 3 houses ahead of you and zig-zag from street to sidewalk and back again.  Not a problem though, its just more distance, right?

In all, decent run.  I felt good when I got home, and my legs are that good sort of sore this morning.  I’m hoping that the weather holds out long enough for me to get another one in on Tuesday!


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