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My quest to become thinner and healthier

183.0 25 February 2010

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Grabbed lunch at Wawa yesterday with a friend, and wouldn’t be surprised if today’s increase was a result of the salt that was probably filling my sandwich.  Hopefully a little bit of control today will circumvent that and maybe get me close to last week’s weight. 

On the upside, I managed to lift weights for a half-hour on Tuesday night and I did HHA last night, though I didn’t blog about either because I’ve been a bit tired recently … Liam hasn’t been feeling well (based on the horrendous diaper rash he has, I’m assuming he’s getting more teeth), and he’s been waking up in the middle of the night.  A lot.  So, I’ve been basically passing out as soon as I’m done with my exercises.  I’m hoping this weekend will allow me to sleep in a little bit on Saturday and help me get over a little bit of that exhaustion!


182.6 23 February 2010

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I don’t  have much to say about that number except that it makes me happy, so there you have it!


183.8 22 February 2010

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I think that working out this weekend twice in a row probably helped me from being WAAAAY up today, which is a bonus.  Hopefully, I can get that number to start dropping quickly this week, though we’ll see as it comes.


2/21 Workout – HHA

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Do you remember being in grade school and being forced to take the Presidential Fitness Test?  Well, I do.  I also remember NOT getting the certificate every. stinking. year.  The challenges, seemingly easy now, were things like running/walking a mile in less than 15 minutes, curl-ups, pull-ups, shuttle runs, and a sit-and-reach.  I could basically do none of it.

Well, President Obama in his infinite wisdom is providing people like me with the chance to STILL get a certificate with the new President’s Challenge – I’m fairly certain this is the first year for it, and I think its a great idea.  I decided to go for the Active Lifestyle challenge to get me moving 5 days a week, so you’ll see a lot more workouts now … hopefully I’ll see some good come out of it in the way of weight loss!  In the meantime, I think its a great way to just get people active, at least for a little while.


2/20 Workout: Run 20 February 2010

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First, let me say that my run was really nice.  It was the first run in a while where I didn’t need to wear my under armor, so I didn’t look like the neighborhood luge competitor.  Always a nice thing.  Also, I felt strong and even managed to eek out a few more feet than my last run, which is great considering I’ve only been getting out once a week.

All that said, I was really frustrated at the number of houses in my neighborhood that STILL didn’t have their sidewalks shoveled.  Seriously – it’s been a week and a half, and yet I still have to run in the street?  Isn’t it illegal to leave snow on one’s sidewalk?  On top of that, there was an idiot in one of the cul-de-sacs that was digging out his mailbox by tossing the shovel loads into the street.  Great.  He’s watching me run his road and is still tossing snow in front of me.  So, I informed him that my run would go a lot easier if there wasn’t snow in the street … then I might have called him an idiot.  It may not have been the nicest thing to do, but I just have zero tolerance for people acting like morons.  Whatever of that snow doesn’t melt is now going to turn to ice tonight and someone is going to slide around on it.  People frustrate me.

Still, I got outside and had a nice warmish run, and I’m really glad for that.


181.6 19 February 2010

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I’m continually amazed by just how much my weight affects my confidence and how my confidence affects me.  Despite a recent corporate no-jeans mandate, my program has decided to allow jeans on Fridays anyway (we used to be allowed to wear them whenever, but that’s another story for another day).  Normally, I try and dress nicely on Fridays as a show of appreciation for allowing comfy pants.  I’ve got an array of blazers, button-downs, and other tops that are meant to pair with jeans to dress them up. 

With my weight being up over the past month and a half, I’ve been gravitating towards things in my closet like Old Navy’s Half-Zip Performance Fleece – yes, it’s got a collar, but its not exactly what you’d call professional wear.  Even during the normal khaki-saturated week, I’ve been leaning towards bigger, frumpier sweaters rather than some of the cuter items I’ve purchased in the last few months. 

This morning, I did a little happy dance on the scale and without thinking, donned an untucked tuxedo shirt paired with a pinstripe short vest and decided to rock my rhinestone Levi’s (don’t worry, I didn’t bedazzle them myself, its just the swooshes on the pockets that are lined in rhinestones … I promise I’m not regressing back to 1980, though I have been known to fall into the 70’s on occasion).  I slipped on a pair of faux-suede knee-high boots and headed out the door. 

It wasn’t until I was on my way to work that I laughed at myself.  As soon as my weight dropped down to a more comfortable range, I felt like anything in my closet was game again.  And I can feel myself exuding confidence again.  That’s a lesson right there – high weight = low confidence.  Shouldn’t have to be that way, but it is.  So, onward, and in this case, downward!


2/18 Workout: HHA

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After I put Liam to bed tonight, I was torn … do I workout, or do I get a head start on the quilt I’ve been dying to make?  I decided I’d be smarter to work out and THEN work on the quilt, and I’m glad I did.  Can’t say if it’ll affect the scale or not tomorrow, but at least I got myself moving for a half-hour.  Plus, I was able to cut another 3 pieces of cloth, so I’m making progress on both fronts!