A Little Less Of Me

My quest to become thinner and healthier

2/13 Workout: Run 14 February 2010

Filed under: Feel the Burn — lennonzgal @ 15:08

It was about 33 degrees out, and windy, and I loved every minute of it!  I was still pretty slow, and I’m currently less trying to increase my distance and speed so much as I am trying to maintain the status quo.  I’m not sure if I’m waiting for the weather to warm up, or for Will to be done class, or both.  Let’s face it: I have no problem running in 30 degree weather during the day, but at night it gets down to about 19, and that’s COLD.  So, my Wednesday night runs will just have to wait until its at least 25 out.

In the meantime, I’m just trying to keep myself at a fair pace and just keep getting out there.  I’ll fill in with HHA for now, until I can get myself out at night too. 


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