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Feelin’ Pretty 25 March 2010

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Just before I was heading out on maternity leave for Liam, a girl I work with (then, someone I hardly knew … now, a good friend) came back from her leave.  She was dressed impeccably when I first saw she was back – black pinstripe pants, a white button down, great shoes.  I stopped her and told her now nice she looked, and how she definitely didn’t look like she had just had a little girl three months prior (if that … I think she came back after maybe 8 weeks).  Her response is something that stuck with me since then – she said that she was thinking about it while she was on leave and she was determined not to become Frumpy Mom.  You know the type, those moms that dress terribly and look frazzled 24 hours a day.  Hair in a messy ponytail, oversized t-shirt, too-big jeans, etc.  She said she had watched a few episodes of What Not To Wear and had learned some valuable lessons about dressing.

Admittedly, I’ve never seen an entire episode of What Not To Wear.  I do, however, own a few of their books.  I reference them frequently when I’m in a fashion crisis, and I read them cover-to-cover when I was out of work with Liam.  I decided that Frumpy Mom would also never exist in my house.  I’ve worked hard over the past year to purge my closet of all things frumpy and I’m slowly filling my closet back up with classic, pretty pieces. 

Do I still wear t-shirts?  Yep, just ones sized for women that are fitted and actually look nice.  And you’ll rarely find me out of jeans when at home, but they’re always a nice brand that fits me well (Lucky, I’m in love with you).  At work, however, I recently noticed that I’ve become Queen of the Khaki.  Brown, oyster, sand, olive, navy … you name it, its in my closet.  I have plenty that I can pair with the khakis – some nice (thank you, Ann  Taylor), some casual (Gap, though I’m trying to get away from their stuff), but I’m ALWAYS in khakis.  As Spring approached and with it this lovely warm weather, I took a look in my closet and reacquainted myself with all of the skirts and dresses I have.  Then I went out and bought this dress (paired with a lavendar sweater on chilly days), and a couple of others no longer listed on the website (which is a bummer, because they’re gorgeous).  I’ve decided to look pretty at least one day per week at work. 

This week, I wore the dress in the link above, and got so many compliments on how I looked in it!  Its giving me a new bit of confidence … looking nice and having people remind me makes me realize that perhaps I’m not enormous, perhaps I’m just fine the way I am.  Yeah, I’d still like to lose another 20 pounds, but even if it takes me 10 years to do it, I’m not bad-looking as-is.  That’s not a bad thing to realize.


4 Responses to “Feelin’ Pretty”

  1. joy Says:

    I love WNTW, that is a great dress! Anything that reminds you that you are fine and beautiful just as you are is worth its weight in gold.

  2. lennonzgal Says:

    Thanks! I’m pretty pleased with it too!

  3. lisa d Says:

    you ALWAYS look put together.i bet u knocked em dead in that dress……you go girl….

  4. Mary Jo Says:

    I have never seen you when you didn’t look gorgeous Jackie Ash. You look good ALL the time. And BTW, that dress you bought is sooooooo you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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