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My quest to become thinner and healthier

181.6 30 April 2010

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Hey … I’ll take it.  I’m pretty sure its down from last week, I’m feeling pretty good in my Lucky Jeans, and someone told me I looked like I was losing weight this morning.  If that’s not enough to inspire me, I’d need some serious help!

In all seriousness, since we’re technically still in April (the month of birthdays, candy, and showers), I think being just two pounds up is okay.  If I can get that off by the end of May, that leaves me June and July for some serious weight loss before hitting the shore.  I can handle that.  All the more reason to kick up the workouts, right?

Have a great weekend everyone!


5/29 Workout: HHA

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Wasn’t completely into it, but I managed to eek out a half-hour of Hip Hop Abs tonight, which was good.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep up the workout momentum and see if that has a good effect on my weight over the next few weeks.



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Yeah, I have no way to explain this except to say that either today or yesterday was a weird fluctuation.  I’ll see what tomorrow brings before I make my final decision.


5/28 Workout: Run 29 April 2010

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It was shorter than most, but it was windy and I had just spent a half hour squatting in the 3′ section of the pool in the YMCA during Liam’s swimming lessons to keep myself warm, so my little legs were a bit wobbly.

That said, I felt good during the run, and I really think I needed it – one thing I think that’s been different between now and pre-Easter is that life has been a bit hectic since Easter – we had Easter itself, then Will and Liam’s birthdays, then Liam’s birthday party, a baby shower for a friend, etc.  We’d been spending a lot of time running home, cooking a quick (read: not as healthy) meal and then trying to get a million things done.  Doing all of that also meant little to no exercise.  I haven’t done HHA in I can’t tell you how long, and my runs have been sparse too.  So, back to the grindstone … trying to get in 2 to 3 (preferably 3) runs per week, and supplementing with a little weight lifting and HHA.

I think I can, I think I can …


184.2 28 April 2010

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Sigh.  With that stomach bug, I really expected to be lower than this.  I’ve got to sit down and evaluate what’s changed since Easter … I hit 179 once this year, so I know I can do it again, I just need to figure out what’s stopping me this time around.


Choosing My Religion 26 April 2010

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I’ve noticed recently that to most, a diet is like a religion.  There are those who don’t believe in diets, those who believe that there’s the potential for a good diet out there, but it just hasn’t been found yet, those who belong to a single denomination (your Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig-ers, Atkins fanatics, etc), and then there are those like me who find benefit in many plans and work to incorporate the best of each (hmmm … funny how my eating plan matches my ACTUAL religious beliefs … I wonder if thats the case with most people …).

I like to refer to myself as a recovering Weight Watcher.  I had to come to realize that the Trinity (oh yeah, I’m taking this ALL the way) of Fat, Calories, and Holy Fiber aren’t the end-all and be-all of eating well.  I no longer walk around with the WW handbook in my purse, ready to whip out as soon as I find a need for it.  Instead, I armed myself with the information in the book that most benefits my life right now – eating to satisfaction, not to fullness; making sure a meal is balanced with a variety of foods; using exercise as a way to both exercise and gain calories.  But I’ve removed the things that I never quite understood about WW – the advanced math degree you need to figure out your daily POINTs; the fact that WW frequently advises folks to use sodium-laden, processed meals in their everyday rotations.  I needed to break myself away from that thinking, which I did.

But it goes beyond that.  On Facebook recently, I’ve noticed so many people posting statuses related to their religion of choice – “Headed to my Weight Watchers meeting this evening, hope I lose!” or “On the phone with my JC consultant, blah blah blah” and my favorite evangelicals who post “Meat is Murder” and similar.  Fact is, I almost feel like I’m in the mall being accosted by those nut jobs handing me pamphlets and telling me that I’m going to tell because I haven’t found THEIR God yet.  Lucky me.  I love that.  I’ve actually had someone tell me “You know, you’d be so beautiful if you just lost some weight.  Have you considered Jenny?”  I kid you not.

And I’m sure you’ve noticed that we even label food in ways like, “Sinfully Delicious” and after eating something sinful (or on one of our Sweaty Days of Obligation, like Thanksgiving or Christmas), we head to the gym to avoid the after-effects of said food.  I’ve just skipped going to the gym altogether.  I workout on my own, regularly, I think that setup has worked for me, and I’m glad.  I don’t need a group of sweaty people (or the locker room nakedness, thank you very much) to make me feel good about my workout.  A runner’s high is enough for me!

Honestly, I don’t know where I was going with this, except to say that I was amused thinking about this the last couple of times I went for a run.  Hope it amused you too!


Best. Diet. Ever.

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Apparently, I have come down with the stomach bug that plagued Liam on Friday and that plagued Will yesterday (and apparently today, too).  I hate to say it, but I’m sort of looking forward to weighing myself once I’m over it – as much as a stomach bug sucks, its nice to see that number on the scale afterwards, no matter how fleeting it may be.

In the meantime, you’ll forgive me if I don’t log my weight for a day or two while I start to feel better.  That said, since I’ve got time on my hands while I lay here on the couch, perhaps I’ll finally have the time to put together some of the posts I’ve had floating around in my head for the past couple of weeks.