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4/1 Workout: Weights 2 April 2010

Filed under: Feel the Burn — lennonzgal @ 10:45

I’m still trying to get into the habit of using my weights at least once a week to tone my upper body, so I continued on that path last night.  The good news is, I think I’m about ready to upgrade to my 10-pound weights that I’ve got stored downstairs.  The 5-pound ones I’ve been using aren’t really making me feel anything the next day, so time to move forward!

I don’t expect once a week to perform miracles, but it would be nice to have at least a slightly more toned upper half than I currently do, so once a week it is!


One Response to “4/1 Workout: Weights”

  1. Kim Says:

    Glad I found your blog. I’ve just started trying to get in shape using free hand weights, and I’ve moved up from scrawny one pound weights to five pounders. I can hardly wait to give ten pound weights a try. Got to add that I’d like to switch from walking to running, but the energy isn’t there yet. Thanks for the inspiration.


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