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My quest to become thinner and healthier

182.6 17 May 2010

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Its refreshing to see a Monday weight that’s registering lower than several of the Friday weights I’d had over the past few weeks.  Hopefully this is the beginning of me getting back on track.  I’d still like to be able to see 179-ish by the end of the month so that I can use June and July to lose some before heading to the shore in August.  Its always a nice excuse to have to buy a new bathing suit.


5/15 Workout: Run

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Not much to say about it except that it was a good run, probably close to 3 miles (the GPS watch battery needed to be charged and I didn’t have time to wait for it), and definitely on the faster side for me (about 37 minutes).  I felt good, it wasn’t  too hot out, and I really enjoyed it.  I’m already looking forward to my next run, which will hopefully be tonight.  If not, I’ll have to look to squeeze one in later this week, before our very busy weekend.


181.0 14 May 2010

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Not a bad end to the week.  My apologies for being MIA over the past week, but I think I needed a little time away from focusing on my weight, and surprise!  I didn’t do too terribly at all. 

I had a great week, my two very best friends spent the day with Liam and I on Wednesday, and I completed my nursing mothers’ counselor certification last night.  Not sure where that’s going to lead me yet, but its a start in a direction I think I need to go – away from software engineering. 

In all, a great week.  Not a ton of exercise, but I did at least get out for a speed run, and I’m already looking forward to a nice jaunt tomorrow as well.  Its turning out to be a lovely Spring!


5/7 Workout: Run 8 May 2010

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Morning runs are a feeling that I had forgotten about – I’ve gotten so used to evening runs where my tummy is full from eating all day, and I’ve got plenty of calories to burn.  In the morning, I’ve gone 8 or so hours without eating, and I’ve had just one meal prior to my run (I can’t run on an empty stomach – I pass out).  I definitely can feel the difference when I have had fewer calories as I run.  Still, I realize that if I’m going to do the PDR, I need to get used to running in the mornings again.  I don’t know if I’ll be running the PDR this year or next, but in either case, morning runs are necessity to make sure that I’m not thrown a curve ball when I start the race.

All that said, I did pretty well.  I ran about 35 minutes and put in about 2.6 miles.  Slower than my usual (I normally put in about 2.75 – 2.9 miles in 35 minutes), but I do believe I pulled a muscle last weekend doing gardening of all things (hey –  YOU spend that much time squatting and see how YOUR muscles like it!), and it has finally gotten to the point where it doesn’t hurt constantly.  So, I feel like my runs will speed up again once I’m not subconsciously trying to protect the muscle.  In the end, I’m proud of myself for not saying, “Well, I injured myself, so let me sit on the couch for two weeks and recover.”  Instead, I got out there and ran on it, just carefully.  That’s progress in my book!!


5/5 Workout: Run (And My Apologies) 7 May 2010

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I can’t even begin to tell you how slow today’s run was, but I go out there, and I did it, so I feel like I accomplished something.

I also wanted to pop in and apologize for ignoring you all this week!  We spent all weekend in the garden, pulling up grass, planting lots of fruits and veggies and herbs, laying down mulch, tilling dirt, etc.  By the time we were done, I believe we spent something around 10 or so hours in the garden between Saturday and Sunday, and I SWORE that I was going to see a low number on Monday.  Wrong.  I was 184.4 … “Ok,” I thought, “its just because I didn’t drink enough water.  It’ll be lower on Tuesday like usual.”  Wrong again.  I was 184.8.  That nearly sent me straight through the roof.  So, I didn’t get on the scale this morning.  Not sure that that’s a great idea, but I think maybe I need a few days off.  So, I gave myself this week free, and I’ll be back in on Monday.  In the meantime, I’m going to try to exercise and I’ll try to post it here as well so you all know I’m at least thinking of you!