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06/27 Workout: Run 27 June 2010

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I know I’m not a great runner; I’m mediocre at best.  Still, I’m really proud of myself for taking up such a hobby – I feel great afterwards, and I know its so good for me.  All that said, there are still some things that totally humble me as I’m running along.  Today, I was running my neighborhood (did 2.4 miles, not too long, but enough in this humidity), and I came upon a mom who was running with a DOUBLE JOGGER.  As much as I bitch about running with Liam in the single jogger (which I totally haven’t done this year because I’m a big freakin’ baby), this woman was running with a bigger jogger equipped with TWO kids!  She passed my house twice, once running and once walking.  I was behind her running this morning, and was finding it hard to keep up with her.  By the time she was walking past, I was in the house, cooling down, and playing choo-choos with Liam.  Still, I had to watch her pass with complete awe.  You figure, my jogger weighs 27 pounds, so hers is probably at least 30-35.  My son is about 30-35 pounds, and she’s got one about his age, plus a smaller one, so you’re looking at something to the effect of 30 pounds of stroller and maybe 50 pounds of kid.  You’ve gotta give that woman some major respect.

All in all, good run today.  It was short, and it was sweaty (we’re getting back into that season where even a short run leaves me feeling like I’ve rolled around in salt), but it was good.  I’m giving myself some slack because it got so hot so quick, but I’m still trying to get back to the 3 mile mark, and even more than that, I’d like to hit 5 or so miles prior to our vacation in August so that I can confidently run the boardwalk.  Definitely a doable goal.


184.4 25 June 2010

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Sigh.  I won’t say I’m not frustrated, because I am.  I was 182.8 yesterday.  That said, I spent most of the day outside in 96 degree heat, and it seemed as though there wan’t any amount of water in the world that could be “enough” water for me to drink … I’m chalking at least some of this up to puffiness. 

Went for a run yesterday, it was a decent albeit short one.  I was finished my run by about 7am, and it was SO hot out already!  By the time we made it down to our tailgate party for the Phillies game, it was bouncing between 96 and 98 on my car’s thermometer.  We then proceeded to spend several (really fun) hours outside chatting with friends, chasing Liam around, and watching the Phils pummel the Indians for the first 6 innings.  All in all, a great day, but one that I do believe left me a bit puffy.  Let’s chalk it up to that for now.

This weekend, we’ll be heading to Celtic Fling for a while on Saturday with some good friends.  They don’t allow food on the fairegrounds, but we’ll stash a cooler in the car and eat lunch in there so that I can make sure I eat some good foods this weekend.  Add in a run on Sunday, and I’ve got good hopes for next week.


183.0 18 June 2010

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Not a bad little drop.  While I consider .2 pounds to be negligible, I do find that a half-pound is countable, especially when its downward!  The bonus: this weekend we’ll be out and having fun, but all from our home base, so there will be no blind visits to new restaurants when we’re starving.  We’ll be able to eat right and just enjoy ourselves, so I hope to see an even smaller number next week.


06/15 Workout: Run 16 June 2010

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I had a great run today!  There was a decent cool breeze, I felt good about getting out there, and I had a nice finishing time.  I was really pleased about it all.  I’m even already hoping that I can squeeze in a Thursday night run too!


06/13 Workout: Run 14 June 2010

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It wasn’t a great run, but I blame that partly on the humidity and partly on the fact that I haven’t run in a week.  I wanted to, but I was out both Monday and Tuesday night, I was rained out all day Wednesday (when I planned to run – I wanted to try out the jogger again), and I was out Thursday through Saturday.  So, today was the only day I had.

It was quite warm out this morning, and the humidity was ridiculous – I think the three thunderstorms we had today probably were to blame.  That said, I still got out there and ran, and I’m glad.  It felt good, and I’m already planning at least two nights this week that I could potentially get out there again.


Plus Size? Really?! 13 June 2010

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So, I was checking out CNN this evening and saw this article.  While I could normally care less about this sort of stuff, I saw a quote that struck me:

“Every time I hear the heartbeat, I just start bawling,” says the 5’11” beauty, who has been the face of plus-size modeling for over a decade.

Plus-size model.  Nice to hear them refer to her as a beauty.  I smiled.  Til I saw this line in the same article:

The size 10 model isn’t too worried about getting back into shape after her baby is born.

Wait … WHAT?!  When the hell is a size 10 considered plus-size?  I mean, I’ve heard that the camera adds ten pounds, but that makes her what?  A size 12?  How are women – normal, non-emaciated women – supposed to feel good about themselves when they’re lumping a size 10 woman into the plus-size category?!  As far as I’m concerned, she should be the one modeling regular clothes … isn’t that the average size for a woman in the U.S. anyway?  No wonder clothes never look good on me … I was apparently the only one unaware that I should be shopping in the plus-size catalogs.  Sigh.

To the fashion industry: can’t you people get it right?


183.4 11 June 2010

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A quarter-pound difference from last week is something that I consider a no-change … unless that no-change keeps resulting in progressive upward movement, that is.  So, I’ll chalk this week up to not eating well (one lunch and two dinners out will do that), and strive for better next week.

I’ve also decided that I’m going to definitely log every Friday, but only intermittently in between.  I still get on the scale every day, but its become obvious to me that I don’t have as much time to sit and blog as I did just a few months ago.  I’m sure its also partly the fact that I’m not thrilled about the number on the scale right now – I’d be willing to bet that the morning I see the 170’s again, I’ll be back to blogging every day.  Its just how it is. 

There’s also been a lot going on in my life, which I continually mean to chat about, because I do think it reflects upon my progress here.  I promise to do that soon – that’ll be one of those intermittent posts I keep mentioning.

In the meantime, I hope you all have a lovely weekend, I know we’ve got a great one planned!!