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183.2, or Never Stay in a Hotel with Free M&Ms 4 June 2010

Filed under: Daily Weight Log — lennonzgal @ 10:50

Wow, its been a while since I’ve been here.  Not really sure how that happened, actually.  I’ve been getting on the scale, ranging from a frightening 186 last week to 182 just yesterday.  Actually, today’s number was surprisingly high, I thought, but we’ll see how the weekend handles that.  I’ve also been getting in my runs, which I’m proud to say.  As it gets increasingly warmer, I’m trying to make sure I still get out there and train so that I don’t slack off when its downright hot.

I know I took a week off because I needed to step away for a few days – that really helped.  I got back on the scale and was no heavier or lighter than I was when I stopped, which was nice.  Then we headed out to Indiana for a quick trip to see my husband’s family.  We stayed in a Sheraton on the Club Level, and Will excitedly discovered that the Club Room had what can only be described as a vat of M&Ms that were available 24/7.  We ate a lot of them.  Thankfully, he ate WAY more than I did.  We also ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner out for 5 days straight, so last week’s 186 was not a total shock. 

Now its trying to get that number back down – I had a stomach virus this week, so I’m sure that “helped”, but I think I’d prefer the more traditional way to take the weight back off.  I’ve sort of come to some understanding that the high 170’s/low 180’s might just be where I’m meant to be right now.  Maybe not permanently, but it seems like a good place for me currently, and I’m thinking I might just try it out and see where I go.  If I continue losing, great.  If not, I’ve got some great clothes that make me look good, and I’m no longer uncomfortable with my shape.  I think thats a good place to be.

In the meantime, I’m going to try and check in again more frequently.  I think things just got busy at work (normally, I type a quick note in the mornings at work when I’ve got a few minutes to myself, and I just haven’t had that lately).  I’ve got to remember to make time for myself though, otherwise I’ll get too stressed, and that won’t help either.


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