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06/27 Workout: Run 27 June 2010

Filed under: Feel the Burn — lennonzgal @ 14:05

I know I’m not a great runner; I’m mediocre at best.  Still, I’m really proud of myself for taking up such a hobby – I feel great afterwards, and I know its so good for me.  All that said, there are still some things that totally humble me as I’m running along.  Today, I was running my neighborhood (did 2.4 miles, not too long, but enough in this humidity), and I came upon a mom who was running with a DOUBLE JOGGER.  As much as I bitch about running with Liam in the single jogger (which I totally haven’t done this year because I’m a big freakin’ baby), this woman was running with a bigger jogger equipped with TWO kids!  She passed my house twice, once running and once walking.  I was behind her running this morning, and was finding it hard to keep up with her.  By the time she was walking past, I was in the house, cooling down, and playing choo-choos with Liam.  Still, I had to watch her pass with complete awe.  You figure, my jogger weighs 27 pounds, so hers is probably at least 30-35.  My son is about 30-35 pounds, and she’s got one about his age, plus a smaller one, so you’re looking at something to the effect of 30 pounds of stroller and maybe 50 pounds of kid.  You’ve gotta give that woman some major respect.

All in all, good run today.  It was short, and it was sweaty (we’re getting back into that season where even a short run leaves me feeling like I’ve rolled around in salt), but it was good.  I’m giving myself some slack because it got so hot so quick, but I’m still trying to get back to the 3 mile mark, and even more than that, I’d like to hit 5 or so miles prior to our vacation in August so that I can confidently run the boardwalk.  Definitely a doable goal.


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