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183.0 23 July 2010

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I haven’t been here in a couple weeks, and it looks like my trist in the 170’s has passed … in all seriousness, I knew that was a sudden drop and didn’t expect it to stick around.  I was 181-ish the week after and 182-ish the week after that.  Unfortunately, these past three weeks have consisted of a LOT of eating dinner out, which has resulted in some gains.  I’m not pleased with it, but we’ve got two weeks now with no weekend plans and very little mid-week plans, so I’m hoping to see some better numbers in the coming weeks.

On a side note, I did something that I swore I’d never do again: I joined Weight Watchers.  Technically, I joined about a month ago, but I only went for two weeks.  Being lifetime, I’m allowed to only show up once a month, and although I intend to show up a little more often than that, this hasn’t been the best month for it.  I’m partly joining to support my mom who has been going for a couple of months now and has lost 30 pounds (yay Mom!), but also because I know the plan works, its just that I also know that I can become obsessive about it.  The last time I did WW, I ended up spending all day with my stomach in knots over how many POINTs I’d eaten and where the next ones would come from.  It wasn’t worth it.  My biggest problem with WW is the fact that my original 80 pounds were lost with very minimal exercise and the loss included the consumption of a lot of 100-calorie packs and Lean Cuisine meals, both of which I am now (and rightly so) vehemently against.  I want to do this by still eating foods that I won’t feel bad feeding to Liam.  I’d never give him a fat-free yogurt or a diet juice, there’s too much crap in it.  He’s a healthy little boy and I’m not putting that in jeopardy by pumping him full of shit he doesn’t need.  Instead, I’m trying to do this a more natural way – eating more fruits and veggies, cutting portions back, and (this is the hard one for me) snacking less. 

In all, this was a poor month to decide to join; Will and I are trying very hard to redecorate the kitchen and family room (basically, the entire back end of our home), and we’re spending a lot of time browsing furniture, tile, granite, carpets, cabinets, etc.  For the most part, that has resulted in us traveling right after work to a shop about an hour away, grabbing some sort of food on the way there, or running to the shop and then stopping for a sit-down meal, at which point we’re so hungry we’re eating every roll on the table (and considering the rolls on the next table).  We’re planning on doing the upgrades between August and September, so there is an end in sight, but its not near enough for my comfort.  There’s a beach visit and a wedding in between now and then, and while I don’t expect to be a rail for either of those events, it would be nice to know that I won’t be coming back from them looking like the Sta-Puf Marshmallow Man. 

So, Weight Watchers will hopefully at least keep me in check for this time period and then kick into gear in the fall.  If I can stay around 180-183 through the summer, I’ll be content.  I’ll kick back into loss mode in the fall and hope for the best.

In the meantime, I have been running regularly despite my obvious lack of posting here.  Its been hot, so I’ve been slow, but I’ve been out there.  I’m definitely feeling more confident on my runs than I was this time last year, so I’m pleased with that.  I might not be going a further distance yet, but confidence is key – that’ll lead me to bigger and better things.


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  1. Joy Manning Says:

    You know I have long been against Weight Watchers, based on my one-time appearance at a meeting and the craptastic way I have seen other people follow the program, but (as you read at my blog) I joined two weeks and three days ago, and so far I really actually like the program. A food-writing friend of mine (http://wordstoeatby.blogspot.com/) started following the program and lost 15 or so pounds eating basically the same kind of food I like to eat, which is to say non-processed, non “low-fat” food. And since I started I have not eaten anything “diet” (or anything I would feel bad about feeding a kid). I’m taking a fresh look at the way I cook, lightening it up by using less oil and cheese and bulking up dishes with lots of vegetables. I do find it annoying that the web site is always trying to sell me some crappy packaged food and that WW seems to have no qualms with admitting people who weigh 112 pounds but want to weigh 105 (those people need psychiatrists!) but overall, so far, I like the program and it works. I look forward to reading about your experiences. I wished we lived closer and could go to meeting together!

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