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My quest to become thinner and healthier

183.4 24 September 2010

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Phew.  There’s something about the 5 and the 0 at the end of a weight that can make a person panic – knowing that I was over 185 last week scared the bejesus out of me, and frightened me into eating like a somewhat normal person this week.  I say “somewhat” because we have been without a stove for the past week, so there’s really only so much one can do with that.  There were a lot of sandwich or cereal nights this week.  That should get easier by next week; the tile floor should be in by Wednesday, then we can move the new appliances in and there will just be maybe one or two more days when the granite is delivered where we’ll need to do quick meals because I believe you’re not supposed to use the countertop right away when its installed.  Still, we managed.

I’ve also been terrible in posting.  Part of it is because of the construction in the house – my family room now consists of a sofa, a settee, a chair, an ottoman, a coffee table, an end table, an entertainment center, a refrigerator, a kitchen table, and 4 kitchen chairs.  Not exactly conducive to moving around well, and getting to my laptop is really something you’d only ask an olympic gymnast to do.  Still, I did manage to get out for two runs this week.  The first was on Sunday morning, and was a lovely 4.5 mile jaunt.  I really enjoyed the breeze and the long run.  Long being relative, I guess … I spent the run thinking of my friends who were running the ING Philadelphia Distance Run, and thinking about doing it next year.  Its the day before my birthday next year, so I’m very seriously considering doing it.  I didn’t do it this year because Will has been training for the MS 150 (last few hours to donate, by the way, do it here).  He’s been out on Sundays, riding from Phoenixville to Philadelphia and back, and that takes HOURS.  We need some family time, so I decided to forego the race this year and try again next year.  I know that at my slowest, the 13.1 took me about 3 hours; I seem to have a little more speed behind me now (not much, mind you), so I’m hoping to keep that speed going and get my time down to 2.5-ish.  So, I haven’t signed up for the race yet, but I want to talk to Will this weekend and maybe sign up sooner than later.  That’ll give me plenty of time to get my speed up and get the distance in – truly, I don’t have to start increasing distance until next May, but we all know how much I “love” summer running, so I’m thinking I’d be better to work on my distance in the fall and spring and just maintain that in the summer.  We’ll see how it goes.

In the meantime, I got another run in on Tuesday – it was a short speed run thanks to my unfortunate decision to reheat hot sausage and pasta for dinner that night.  Pasta was a great idea; hot sausage, not so much.  Lesson learned!

As for this weekend, the plan is for Will to ride the MS 150 and for me to start working on getting the house back together.  That includes getting everything cleaned (the house is a big-ass dustball right now), and getting started on making the curtains.  Yep, I’m making them myself, and I can’t wait!  Hopefully, all of that will keep me busy enough to stay the hell out of the snacks!!


186.0 17 September 2010

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What a freaking wonderful start to my birthday weekend.  Sigh.  I’d like to say that I don’t know where that came from, but I do.  We’ve been renovating the kitchen/family room, and its officially torn apart and will be in that state for at least another week or so as we wait for cabinets and tile floors to come in.  In the meantime, we’ve been living off of takeaway and quick meals, neither of which is particularly healthy or sodium-free.  The challenge, then, is going to be just trying to keep myself in check over the next week or so until we can get the kitchen back in order.

Its not that I didn’t exercise this week – I certainly did.  I pounded out a fantastic speed run on Tuesday that I totally forgot to blog about – weather was great, run was wonderful.  Then on Wednesday,  I took Liam to a playdate at a place called BounceU with some friends, and ended up being on the bouncy equipment for 2 hours.  I can’t tell you how exhausted I was after that!  I would have liked to run last night as well, but the torrential downpour sort of stopped that. 

Looks like this weekend will be filled with careful measurements and calculations, with just one cake exception on my actual birthday.  I can definitely handle that, its just frustrating that I have to be so ridiculously careful on what should be a fun weekend.  That’s okay though, we can come up with plenty of other ways to have a good time!


9/11 Workout: Run 12 September 2010

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Another great night, and another great run.  Did 4 miles exactly tonight, though I stayed in my neighborhood and just lapped it a couple of times.  I started out slower than I would have liked, but once my legs warmed up, I sped up and I probably could have hit 5 miles if I didn’t think I’d have been running til almost 9pm!!


184.8 10 September 2010

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I’m frustrated, but not with the scale – with myself.  Last week, I don’t know what got into me, but whatever it was beat out the two great runs I had over the weekend.  I just ate and ate and ate.  Probably, I’m lucky it was only a half-pound gain. 

This week marks the true beginning of fall for me, and that means back to POINTs counting.  I’m going to try and commit to going to WW once a month from here on in, since I’m lifetime, that should be all I need to do.  I’ve got high hopes that I can see at least a little bit of a change this fall.  If I can just manage to get down to maybe 170 or 175, I think I’d be thrilled to pieces.  Slow and steady, right?


9/9 Workout: Speed Run

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I can’t tell you how lovely my run was last night.  What I’m most excited about is the fact that my shorter speed work has now become as long as my previous long run was – 2.5 miles!  That really made me feel like I was making progress. 

The run itself was nothing short of  terriffic.  I’ve been under a LOT of stress lately, and will continue to be under said stress until at least the middle of October, so being able to pound some of that off onto the pavement was spectacular.  Plus, I got a lovely french kiss from one of the neighborhood black labs, and really, who doesn’t love thatt??

I’m so looking foward to this fall weather – my runs should be better, stronger, and longer; that cool air means that I can get out with the family and go on walks on the nights I’m not running (thereby increasing my overall exercise), and as much as I loooooooove summer, it is nice to feel that cool air finally.  Breathing is easier, and the sweat evaporates off my body faster, so I don’t come home feeling like a total sweatball.  Yep, looking forward to this fall 🙂


9/4 & 9/6 Workouts: Runs 6 September 2010

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Yep, got out twice on this lovely Labor Day weekend, and I couldn’t be more thrilled about it.  Saturday’s run was a little weak due to a headcold, but this morning, I cranked out 3.5 miles and felt great about it.  My run was admittedly a little slower than usual, but I don’t have any issue with it – I’ve expanded my run from just my neighborhood to the streets around my area, which are very very hilly.  I think a little slowness is expected in that case.

In any event, two really great runs this weekend, and I’m pretty pleased with myself!


184.2 3 September 2010

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I’m pleased to have stayed the same this week.  At some point on Saturday, I looked down and my hands were totally swollen.  I felt puffy and disgusting, and wasn’t sure why … a little bit of thought reminded me that perhaps it was the onset of some whackadoo hormones.  Awesome.  Between that, the concert, the lack of running (it was too damn hot), and the chocolate cake I consumed (again because of the hormones).

This weekend is looking like its going to be fabulous for running, so I’m going to do my best to get out there more than once and get some miles in while I can.  Hopefully, the fall weather won’t be too far away and I can continue adding miles, because I still want to do a half-marathon next fall.  I think its an attainable goal.

Hope everyone has a lovely holiday weekend!